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VTech V.Flash Home Edutainment Learning System

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Great learning tool for grade schoolers


While I do love this product, I do not think it is for children that are 6 years of age or younger.  We bought this product when my child was 6.  She already had the V.Smile so we thought that this would be a natural step up.  She had a lot of trouble playing the games at first.  The games are in a 3D type format and made it more difficult to move the character through the screens.  Also the math seemed a little more difficult for a 6 year old.  I would recommend this product for any child that is at least 7 years old.  I do wish that there were more cartridges to choose from. 

Clarksville, TN


VTech V.Flash Home Edutainment Learning System


A great learning system . Vtech vflash home edutaiment learning system has alot to offer like fun games and activites like that stimulate the brain . Produce streaming video , and 3D graphic's and high quality sound and real life image' s . The vtech v disc are encased in protective shield for safe and scratch proof and easy play . It also include's a joystick and a , adapter and a one v . .disc . just like the other game's it has high quality sound and streaming 3D video and real life image's . it's very easy to use and it is also for very educational reason to help the little one's learn things . It's funa and there's new smartdisc to chose from and it's a fun way to use and learn at the same time which is great .It was a perfect balance of learning and for entertainment . This games also stimulate's the brain to help them learn and it's would be a fun way for them to learn in a great way .

Los Angeles, CA


vtech v flash dont wast your money


this item was great when i first purchased it .my daughter who is 9  learned allot from the game it came with .she's was able to practice her math and spelling on this item but the down side is that i can't find any more games for this specific v tech system this would be worth the cost if only i could find more games.my daughter is bord with what came with it.

Apopka, FL


my kids love it


My kids have had this system since last christmas. They both enjoy playing with it. The only problem we've had is that sometimes the cartridges don't load properly and we  have to take it out and restart the system.  Once the cartridge loads the kids play with no problems.

Succasunna, NJ


VTech V.Flash Home Edutainment Learning System

4.0 4