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VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch White


Kidizoom Smartwatch White

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This is a very good watch for kids easy to use


I would advise anyone who wants to rejoice in a child or children to buy this wonderful time

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cool for younger kids


I bought two of these for my kids and they loved them. My 3 year old can run it with no help at all and he likes that a lot. He loves to take his own pictures without me chasing him around worried about my camera. He was always asking if he could use my camera or phone all the time and now he doesn't. The camera is our favorite part. It takes decent pictures and the kids can add frames to the pictures they have taken. It actually holds a ton of pictures and they can be easily erased off it if they choose to. It comes with the camera, video recorder, a time telling feature where they can change the clock face and type. It also will tell them the time with a press of a button. It also has a timer, and a couple of games. It's actually priced fair because it is a cool little thing for kids. I don't think older kids would have as much fun as a kid under 7. I would give this as a gift because it is a neat little watch sized toy. It comes with the cables to charge it and also to transfer their pictures to a computer if you want to. My son loves it still and he's had it since last Christmas so it hasn't worn out his use for it yet. It's very tough and has held up to drops and small water splashes and sweat. It still works as good as it did when we got it. I think overloading the device with pictures will eventually slow it down but keeping the picture and video number down to 150 or so keeps it running fine. It holds a long charge still and it's well worth the 50 to 60 dollar price. If something happens to his I would definitely buy another because he uses it quite a lot and it's been fun for him and he enjoys playing with it. My oldest daughter plays with hers but shes now 7 and it's lost most of its appeal for her. I also bought my 4 year old nephew one and he loves it too. Good for gift giving!



Works too slow


This watch was purchased from an online shopping portal and it wasn't quite useful for our kids. I purchased it as the price was pretty reasonable and the features were great. When the product was delivered, I started using the device to capture cute moments of my kids and as time passed by, I taught my kids how to use the smart watch and record videos and note the time as well. The touch screen wasn't quite responsive and we had to keep trying to surf through the pictures that were stored in it and it was a pain for us. My son tried to use the smartwatch to play games but it used to take a lot of time for the device to load the game. The thing which was useful about this product that the photos and videos could be transferred to the laptop almost instantly which made us use the smartwatch less often and now my kids hardly use it anymore. It would be better if the price was a bit high and the product was a quality product with a responsive touch screen.


VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch White

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