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VTech Careline Home Safety Phone System SN6187

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More Than Just A Phone


Just bought this phone about a week ago we lost our cordless phone and still haven't found it. This was one of the few good choices my wife found at our local Walmart, so she bought this phone. I thought it was a little high, but I changed my mind when I saw all the features that came with it. I love the fact that it announces the people that call you. There are many of calls I get that I would rather ignore. This phone helps me do it! I don't even have to stop what I'm doing anymore just to check the phone. It has larger buttons than our last phone, so I'm at least I'm not dialing the wrong number because I pushed a number next to the one I meant to push. With our last phone I was always doing this because the tiny buttons were crammed right next to each other. There is a variety of features that come with this phone that makes it well worth the price you pay for it. I highly recommend it to the anyone who has a loved one that has a hard time getting around. It can be a true life saver, without the ridiculous monthly fees that come with other systems. We haven't set up the portable pendant yet, but soon will for our children to use. My wife bought it so my youngest child could use the pendant. That feature itself is well worth the price of the phone.



Vtech Carline Home Safety Phone System SN6187


Just bought this phone and absolutely love it. Very easy to set up and use. The ringer can be adjusted to a very loud sound. My father who is not very mobile fell a few times and laid on the floor until my mom returned. She was going to get the life alert program and I told her about this phone. She bought it and now feels more at ease when she leaves or is even just in the back yard. The fact that you program 2 numbers into the pendant is great. It will call either her or myself in case he needs help. All this without a monthly fee. The pendant can be worn with the attached clip or as a pendant. It is very lightweight considering how powerful we think this item is to his safety. I would highly recommend this item to anyone who possibly is in the same situation as we are in.

Oregon, OH


VTech Careline Home Safety Phone System SN6187

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