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VTech 80-103000 Bugsby Reading System - Pen and Book

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We like Bugsby


We just received a Vtech Bugsby reading system for our 4 year old. The system is easy enough to use. Just place a small cartridge in the pen and turn the unit on and run it across the words or pictures and out comes a mechanical voice. The kids think its fun to hear the words they see turn into sounds. My 8 year likes to play with it even though she's a proficient reader. The only issues we have encountered so far is that my 4 year old has some issues going in a straight line so he tends to "read" sentences above and below the one he intends to. The buttons on the pen are also somewhat tiny so may be difficult to press but I suppose it may be that way to avoid accidentally pressing it while holding the pen. The books can be a little pricey , especially if you pay full retail price for them. Overall, I think this would be a fun way to get young kids interested in reading and give them a sense of independence regarding books.

Reno, NV


Kids love the Vtech Bugsby Reading System


My kids and I really like this reading system.  It did not take them long at all to understand how to slip the reading cartridge that comes with each book in and out of the pen.  They really enjoy being able to hear the stories anytime they want and like playing the little games.  I appreciate the fact that it does more than just read the story.  My 4 yr old even learned the planets through one of these books!!  He surprised me one day as he started listing them.  When I asked where he learned them, he couldn't remember.  I then ran across one of the Bugsby books that had them in it and put it all together.  This really is an educational toy.  Nothing substitutes a parent or teacher when it comes to educating a child, but it is nice when you find toys that can supplement on the side.  One down side is that the cartridges are small and can get lost if your child is not good about putting them back.  Also, if your child puts things in their mouth still, then they can ruin a cartridge by doing so.

Richardson, TX


makes them feel like they can read


the v tech bugsby reading pen and books is a very educational toy ! i shopped around before buying this checking out the bugsby and tag.. the bugsby is less in cost and seemed to have some books based on nickelodeon shows that i knew the boys would appreciate. considering that i wasnt sure how they would take to this toy or how much it was going to be used i went with the bugsby. Its super cute, i love the caterpillar pen! its easy to use.. I also really like that it takes the little cartridges for each book vs downloading the stories. I dont know why i prefer it but i do! ha I always make sure to keep track of the cartridges and my 4 year old is very good at it as well. so this doesnt pose a problem recenlty even my 2 year old has been loving it! he loves just touching the photos and hearing what it has to say or the noises it makes so far we only have the wubsy book  , olivia, and the one that came with it.. altho personally the one that came with it is used most often and the cutest; however they are all very educational. overall the kids love it

Marion, NC


VTech 80-103000 Bugsby Reading System - Pen and Book

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