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VTech 3-in-1 Smart Wheels

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VTech 3-in-1 is Fabulous!


My son is almost 11 months old and he received this as a gift for Christmas. I didn't get it out at first because I thought he was little too young, but as he seemed to get bored with his other toys so we pulled it out. He loves it! The steering wheel console comes off so he can just sit on the floor and push the buttons. I love the options on the side for songs, or words, etc. It's really easy for him to push the buttons. I don't think it's too loud and I kind of like that there is the option for spanish. So far we've also used the scooter part of the 3-in-1. My son loves to sit on it (I don't attach the steering wheel console so that he can hold on really well) and I push him around our house. I can see that he will enjoy the teeter-totter option as well when he's a bit older. The only con is that there isn't something to hold on to really when I push him around. But the idea is for him to scoot himself so I can deal with it for now. I would recommend getting this for little ones! UPDATE- My son is now 19 months old and is still loving playing with this. So this is definitely a toy worth getting because it will continue to keep their attention.

Mishawaka, IN


my one year old loves it the VTech 3 in 1 smart wheels!


We received this as a christmas gift this year from my parents for my 1 year old. He was just starting to walk at this point and it was perfect for him. You can take the steering wheel off and let babies play with it wheverever they would like. It is a bike that he can ride, or a stationary toy as well. Right away he loved to honk the horn and got a huge kick out of doing that. The toy says the alphabet and plays in on the sterring wheel so the children can hear the alphabet and see the letters at the same time. I think this is a fun learning toy and I would recommend the Vtech 3 in 1 smart wheels to anyone with a child around 1 years old! The only down side is that my son isn't able to get on and off, but I know he will learn that with time. It is very interactive, and colorful. My son just loves it and it keeps his attention for awhile. It is just very important not to leave babies on it alone if they aren't able to get on and off by themselves yet.

Wayne, MI


This VTech toy may stand for: Very Terrible!


My one year old daugher received a VTech 3-in-1 Smart Wheels for Christmas, and she has loved it, as does my three year old daughter. I, on the other hand, have not! I think this toy is just a little bit too loud for me! I absolutley HATE that there is a feature to switch it from English to Spanish. I live in the Untied States of America! Not Mexico! It wouldn't be so bad, but the switch for the languages is actually the key switch, and it is VERY easy for my toddler to turn it to Spanish. Another drawback is that there is no volume control on this toy. Something that in my opinion is a MUST! You either have to listen to the blaring Spanish or turn it off completely! It does have a great variety of songs, alphabet, numbers, and other features, but it just doesn't out weigh the bad ones! It is very easy bright and colorful. It is easy to switch from a rocker to a riding toy to a stationary toy.

Tremonton, UT


Vtech Smart Wheels is a good choice for kids


We received the Vtech Smart Wheels a few years ago as a gift for our first.  It has survived 3 kids and is going strong.  The oldest (about 4) is still using it on a regular basis.   We never really used the rocker mode.  The kids just want to sit on it and ride it through the house.  We have seperated the steering wheel play cneter from the bike for when their were infants around but it didn't stay off long.  Pros:  Child will repeatedly go back to it.  They seem to get bored with it for a little while but always go back to it.  The batteries last a long time even with rechareagbles.  I change them once a year which is a really long time with a kids toy that is used regularly by 3 kids.  it is also a good work out for dad.  He can push the kids around the house on it. They love and he gets exercise.  Cons:  The volume is a quite loud and can't be adjusted permentantly. The child can lower the volume by playing with it but it is a hassle for the parent to have it at the right setting to change the volume. I put masking tape over the speaker. (Remember mine is 3 years old, they may have added a volume button.)

Hollis, NH


3 in 1 smart wheels isn't very exciting but is annoying


We recived the Vtech 3 in 1 smart wheels for my sons first birthday, and I have to say the toy stinks. He has several "push" toys that he enjoys and several interactive learning toys that he also enjoys, but this toy doesn't hold his interest and because of its size he doesn't care to push it around. Occasionally I see him get on it but he usually gets off pretty quickly, it's a fairly good size toy and because we have a small house its a real hassle. The songs are ANNOYING, I don't mind noisy toys but this toy grates my nerves. I hate it, I plan on moving it out just as soon as possible.

Phoenixville, PA


VTech's 3-in-1 Smart Wheels is fun and interactive


Our grandson loved this toy right away and he kept going back to it.  He liked pushing the buttons and seeing the lights and colors and this was before we even took it out of the box!  The songs are funny and entertaining so he won't even realize he is learning letters, colors, shapes and actions.  He is too little to ride it yet but I like the fact that it will change as he grows.  It will be a familiar toy that changes how he plays with it over time.  We feel this toy is a great value for the money.

Merrimack, NH


VTech 3-in-1 Smart Wheels

3.2 6