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Alberto VO5
VO5 herbal escapes strengthening shampoo

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most trustworthy working shampoo I've used for many years


Alberto V05 is a product that I have used for many years as it is a trustworthy brand the price is great and the product works in a way that I'm looking for it to do so. They have their consumers in mind when making their products and pricing them so that it fits everyone's financial needs. Effectiveness I always get the results I'm looking for when using this product..My hair always looks shiny and feels soft I use the conditioner first and leave it in for several minutes after rinsing it out my hair is rid of any tangles so quickly and easily from the gel and hairspray that I use then I put in the shampoo and my hair is left soft and shiny and easily managable Scent I love all the scents of V05..they are fresh unique and come in many varieties of scents and the pictures on the packages match in a way that makes me buy several different ones at once so that each individual in our house has many choices



This shampoo is effective, easy to find, and inexpensive.


I bought *Alberto VO5 Strengthening Shampoo* because my hair has been recently highlighted and lowlighted. I figured that it could use a shampoo that was designed to improve the condition of hair. I bought a 15 fluid ounce bottle of this shampoo at the local grocery store for 99 cents. The budget has been limited lately, so I decided to go with an inexpensive strengthening product before considering the more expensive salon brands. I've been happy with this shampoo. I can't say for sure that it is actually strengthening my hair, but it has kept it clean, shiny, and somewhat calm over the past couple of weeks. Effectiveness This *Alberto VO5 Strengthening Shampoo* does a nice job of cleansing my hair and removing any residue from the styling products I use. My hair is clean and shiny after using this shampoo. After just 2 weeks of use, I can't say that I've seen any visible improvement in its strength but I think you'd probably have to use a product for a full month or two before evaluating that kind of claim. Scent The scent of this shampoo is something that doesn't really jump out and hit you as anything. If you really pay attention you'll notice fresh and clean notes with a hint of creaminess, but the fragrance overall is forgettable. It is something that both men and women can feel comfortable using, especially because the scent disappears entirely after you rinse this shampoo out of your hair.

New Jersey, NJ


herbal escapes strenghtening shampoo cleans,and makes hair shine


herbal escapes strenghtening shampoo is great for all hair types is great for a busy mom like me who doesn't have a lot of time to look good.it make my hair smell good.it leaves my hair soft and manageable.makes my hair shine even after blow drying and other styling products.the anti-oxidents are great.it also protects color hair and sun damage which is great if you spend alot of time outdoors.the price is also a great value not lilke other cheap shampoos.for a something extra to add to your shower routine try the conditioner. i leave the conditoner in for a few extra minutes it makes my hair very soft and easy to brush or comb.my teenage daughter also uses it and she likes it.she has long curly hair and causes less tangles. this product is a great value and works.

O Fallon, IL


Alberto VO5 was OK


Let me start by saying that I don't usually use Alberto VO5 shampoo. I have had some success with it in the past, but only use it when my regular shampoo is not available. It works better than Suave shampoo as far as cleaning. The problem I had with it was the build up and residue it leaves behind. My hair feels kind of greasy and is flat after using it. I thought it was my conditioner at first, but after using my regular shampoo with the conditioner, I realized that it was the VO5 that left my hair feeling that way. In a pinch, it is fine, but over the long term, I would not be able to stand the greasy feeling it leaves behind. Oddly enough, I have been using the left over shampoo from the bottle for my dogs, and it seems to work great on them! I like it for that particular purpose! I wouldn't really recommend it for everyday use, but like I said before, its fine in a pinch, and is certainly cheap enough to use on my dogs.

Springfield, LA


This is the worst shampoo I have ever used


I have used a lot of shampoos in my lifetime but this has got to be the worst.  I'm not a real fussy person, but why is it that this shampoo turns my hair to dryed out pieces.  I mean, you would think that a shampoo with a brand that has been around this long would at least be decent.  No way.  This shampoo totally fried and dryed out my hair.  I don't expect Paul Mitchell quality here mind you, but I also don't expect to have my hair looking worse, after using this product.  One positive note, it does smell good, but they put way too much sodium laurel in this stuff.  I suppose I could use it to clean my car engine and it would work good on that.  But for my hair, don't think this was the right product to use.  Next time I'm going to go back and use a better shampoo, because even at the discounted price, it's just not worth it if your hair is going to be looking worse after using v05.  That's all I got to say about that.

Lone Rock, WI


my favorite summer shampoo during any season


Alberto V05 herbal escapes strenghtening shampoo is definately an escape.The scents are amazing. in the winter time when you long for the smell of summer this shampoos smell brings the season to you in your shower. This shampoo helps me to maintain my color treated hair.It helps my color last longer than the original time it would take for me to recolor my hair. without the shampoo it only lasts six weeks. with the shampoo it lasts about eight weeks. This shampoo does amazing on cleaning my hair with the job i have getting your hair clean after a days work is a must. i usually pair it with the same scented conditioner and my hair is not only stronger and healthier it is also much softer. The best part about this shampoo is it's salon grade and won't break your wallet . Now a days we women need to look great on a budget.It works on any hair type fine, thin, oily or normal.  AlbertoV05 herbal escapes shampoo and conditioner helps do just that.

Galion, OH


VO5 herbal escapes strengthening shampoo

3.7 6