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Alberto VO5
VO5 Volumizing Shampoo

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VO5 Non- volumizing


I have been using VO5 shampoo for the last month. I have noticed several different things. 1) I bought the volumizing shampoo and have not noticed any changes in my hair. It is still as flat as ever. 2) This shampoo tends to really dry out my scalp. 3) VO5 does smell great but if I were to do a pros and cons list they would probably be equal. While the shampoo definitely cleans my hair, i find that it is drying out my scalp and is not volumizing like I would like it too or at all. Is it too much too ask for that a shampoo be inexpensive and do all the things it says its going to do. If all you are looking for is having some great smelling hair, then please go out and buy this shampoo or if you are on a tight budget go for it, just do not expect it to do all the things it says its going to do. It is set at a great price but it is not a great product. Please let me know what you think of the product.


Kerman, CA


The cost was nice but the product didn't perform fully.


VO5 is a product that's price is easily affordable. I was able to find the product on sale and had a coupon. However, the product will clean your hair but as for volumizing, it just didn't do the job. VO5 Volumizing Shampoo does have a nice clean smell and the product package is appealing. It would best be better described as just a general shampoo for cleaning.


Fergus Falls, MN


VO5 Volumizing Shampoo

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