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Visions Casserole Dishes

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Visions Casserole Dishes are versatile.


Visions Casserole Dishes are versatile. I don't know about other casserole dishes, but Visions Casserole Dishes can be taken from the "Freezer to Stove to Table." I have never actually tried testing this versatility; I'm too concerned that something may go wrong and my dish may explode. :) Visions Casserole Dishes look more Earthen looking. Mine are brownish. I just used one of my Visions Casserole Dishes yesterday to bake and Apple Crisp. It was delicious. I sprayed the inside of the dish with Non Stick Cooking Spray to keep the deliciousness from sticking and then added the sliced apples. The topping of the Apple Crisp that Did touch the sides of the pan, Did stick. :( I had sprayed the bottom of the pan, not the sides towards the top. I am assuming that food sticking to the pan is more of a reflection on me than on the casserole dishes, however. Visions casserole dishes are not flashy. They do not draw anyone's eyes to look at the casserole dish instead of the food. They are not ugly, though. They are circular and have glass lids, also. We like our Visions Casserole Dishes. Doesn't Stick I can get Everything to stick. It must be a "gift" of mine. I try to Always spray all of my cooking and baking wear with Non Stick Cooking Spray to try to prevent some of that stickiness. Ease of Cleaning Two Thumbs up for Dishwasher safe. I am Always happy to not have to hand wash my casserole dishes. Durability Unfortunately, we Have broken some of our Visions Casserole Dishes and lids. Very sad. We have also accidentally dropped some casserole dishes and they have Not broken. So, I guess it just depends on Lots of things.

Chattanooga, TN


Heard a loud pop & it was a Visions Casserole exploding!


My mother had an entire set of **Visions** Glass Cookware. She used to cook almost everything in one of the amber colored glass casserole dishes or pots. She liked using the cookware a lot and I cooked using it many times when I was at her house visiting or when my family went to have dinner with her. I never had any problems or concerns using the glass cookware. It didn't seem much different from any other type of cookware to me. One day when I was at my mother's visiting, I mixed up the ingredients for a squash casserole while we were talking and 'catching up'. The oven had been preheated to 350 degrees, I poured the ingredients into the **Visions Casserole Dish** put some crumbled crackers and cheddar cheese on top of the squash mixture, and put the casserole into the oven. About ten minutes later, my mother and I heard a very loud pop, and low and behold the **Visions Casserole Dish** had blown into pieces leaving glass and what was supposed to have been a delicious squash casserole completely covering the inside of my mom's oven. It was an awful mess! There were no cracks in the dish when I put it in the oven and the temperature never got over 350 degrees. There was no reason for the dish to burst, but that is exactly what happened. My advice to you is to never use any of these dishes because of what happened to me and my mother. The probability of it happening to you is low, but the possibility is very real...I know because I saw it happen and I had to clean up the horrible mess it made. We were just lucky that no one was harmed when the casserole dish burst into a million pieces! Doesn't Stick Visions Casserole Dishes are okay when it comes to sticking...certainly not as good as non-stick cookware, but if you use cooking spray and/or stir regularly, food won't stick very much. You may have to soak some baked on items, but it's not too bad. Heat Distribution I couldn't tell the difference in the heat distribution of this glass cookware and any other cookware, with the exception of cast iron skillets, which have the best heat distribution of all cookware, in my experience. Ease of Handling This is heavy glass, so it's not particularly easy to handle. I usually had to use both hands to remove the casserole dishes from the oven because I was afraid I would drop them if I used only one hand. Ease of Cleaning Most of the time this cookware is easy to clean. It's dishwasher safe and it's okay to use Scotchbrite scouring pads and such to wash it--these dishes don't scratch easily. As I said previously, if anything does stick, it only tales a little soaking and then the cooked on food will be easy to remove. Design These dishes are a pretty color and have large handles so that you can easily use pot holders to move them around and remove them from the oven. They are shaped much like any other casserole dish, so the design is fine. Durability I will never cook using Visions Casserole Dishes again. I will never cook using any Visions cookware again. There was no reason whatsoever for my mom's casserole dish to explode in her oven, but that's exactly what happened. In my opinion, this cookware cannot be trusted and could possibly harm someone very badly.

Tiny Town, GA


It's glass. Enough said.


I am a huge fan of Pyrex, but the laws of physics defeat my preferences here. Glass heats up and cools down very, very slowly. Heck, shredded glass is also known as insulation, in some circles! So this is not an ideal cookware. You can't cook on anything other than "low" on the stovetop, making browning and deglazing problematic, and that's one of the best parts of an enameled cast iron casserole--brown it up top, then stick into the oven. Glass can't do that. Worse, because it's glass, it will disintegrate if you drop it, making it a safety concerns, particularly if you have kids or pets. I would rather get an enameled cast iron pot or an aluminum pot (with cladding of stainless steel) over this glass pot. It looks cool but no thanks. I bought mine at an outlet and sold it on CL at a steep discount to someone else after explaining to them the above information. They still wanted it. Go figure.

Berkeley, CA


vision ware has some of the best cassarole dishes i ever used!


I have used vision ware cassarole dishes every since they made them what i found to be the best thing about them is that they are very sturdy dishes it cooks your food almost to perfection and also they last for years as long as you take care of them you can bake almost anything in them from cakes to meats to mac and cheese etc. this product has been one of my favorite ones since the cast iron frying pan they are easy to clean and always cooking every dish the same as long as you use them properly it's one of my best use's in the kitchen for so many things so if you havent bought any i suggest that you do because if you love cooking this will be something you can cook your food in and be proud of it use's.sorry i dont have any picture's will try and post some later.

Augusta, GA


Visions Casserole Dishes

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