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V8 V-Fusion Acai Mixed Berry 100% Juice

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Bonk yourself if you aren't drinking V-8 Fusion


**V-8 Fusion Acai Berry** is excellent.  Great taste, fortified with the vitamins, nutrients, and goodness of the veggies and fruits blended in.  I've got to tell you, i haven't and don't plan on drinking the original V-8.  Something about drinking tomatoes and carrots just didn't appeal to me.  Bonk me as many times as you want, but I just couldn't do it. I'm not the only flavor-oriented person in my household.  My kids love **V-8 Fusion Acai Berry**, too.  Even my 2-year-old associates the flavor with the bottle's packaging.  She'll point it out when it's time to refill her sippy cup. I don't recommend using **V-8 Fusion** *instead *of fruits and vegetables; but it's a nice supplement.  Most of us struggle to get our kids eating the right things regularly.  V-8 Fusion helps. The **V-8 Fusion** line comes in 46-oz containers and in smaller, lunchbox sized bottles for school lunches, snacks, or drinking a **V-8 Fusion** on the go. Unfortunately,** V-8 Fusion** isn't a low-calorie drink.  The good news for us calorie-counters is that there are *light *versions for the **V-8 Fusion** line of drinks with nearly half the calories per serving. 

Dayton, OH


V-Fusion Acai Mixed Berry is berry good, and good for me!


I find V-8 V-Fusion Acai Mixed Berry to have a wonderful taste.  It's a little strong for me, but is full of good antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, so I will fill my cup with half juice and half water so that it's not too strong.  By making sure I'm drinking plenty of juice, and getting all my vitamins and minerals, I've kept from getting the flu the last five or six years, and was able to cut short a wicked cold this winter.  Drinking this juice makes it easy to get your minimum servings of fruits a day, that's for sure!

Columbia, MO


V8 V-Fusion Acai Mixed Berry 100% Juice

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