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V-moda Vibe In-Ear Headphones

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Pretty but disappointing otherwise


I have other v-moda, priced similarly, that I like more. The thing is you're paying for the slick appearance and branding always, and only sometimes for quality. These have good bass but tend to lose out clarity in the mids and the upper register isn't bright enough for my taste. For rap/hip-hop/r&b, these head phones rock, but other genres, or even these genres of music with any sort of variation, the deficiencies will become apparent. Of course they're better than the standard ipod headphones, but that's hardly a useful benchmark of quality. They have been fairly sturdy and durable, so I can give them that as much. I think they actually make everything a little louder than its input, which is actually nice for some devices with low volume caps, depending on taste. If you're a genuine audiophile these will most likely rapidly disappoint you, and if even if you aren't there are better headphones out there for similar price points, you just will have to give up the stylish appearance factor.

Chicago, IL


Stylish but not that great


These headphones look really awesome, nice and shiny and come in different awesome looking colors.  Although they look awesome the sound on these aren't too great.  The ones I got have no bass on the right speaker and were like this right when I bought them.  They are cheap but from what it sounds on the normal working speaker it sounds okay.  These headphones really aren't that much and are for someone who just wants normal whatever sound and good looking headphones at the same time.  What's awesome about these headphones is not only the design but the one year warranty, pouch, wire thingy, and all the extra earbud pieces that come with it.  That warranty lasts for a really long time, but the only bad thing is that you have to get your own box and pay for everthing that requires for it to ship from your place to theirs in LA.  These headhones are alright if you are looking into whatever sound and awesome look.

Riverside, CA


Nice set of headphones


Taking the NYC subway, you almost always see the trademark white ipod headphones being worn. I don't like to be like everyone else, AND I don't like to advertise that I am carrying around a highly-coveted frequently stolen product. The VModa headphones are great for that. They are gunmetal black, which blends with most of my clothing, so it is inconspicuous. The sound quality is great, but not amazing. The headphone set comes with 3 sets of earbuds, so it fits small ears, medium ears, and big ears. I tried out all three, and it makes a big difference in sound quality. So I would recommend that purchasers try out all three size options before using it, to get the best quality. The headphone cord is kinda long, but they included a plastic thing to wrap it around. I've never understood how to use the cords, so I just threw it to the side.  Overall, I think it is a good product. I am very happy with it, I also have another Vmoda pair in Orange, which has a little more bass. This color pairs great with a black ipod.

Staten Island, NY


These V-Modas are the best ones yet!!!


I recently purchased the V-Moda Vibe Duo headphones and I must say these are the best headphones I have purchased yet. The price is very affordable and gives the most bang for the buck. The accents on the headphones are a very nice touch and bring a sense of class and exclusivity to the headphones. The low end is spectacular, and that's exactly what V-Moda is known for. The mids and highs were also very crisp. The headphones are a real head-turner also. The included mic and playback are very useful because they allow easier voice memos and help take calls hands free. The included warranty is perfect also, in case the headphones end up breaking. The exchange process is so simple and easy. The headphones come with different sized covers that should create a snug air tight fit for any user. The fabric covered cable is spectacular also because it reduces any chance of the wires tangling. The plug was also a nice choice because it reduces the chance the headphones can short out due to a frayed connection. In conclusion, terrific headphones and great for the price!

Pleasanton, CA


Sounds great, but falls apart


These are great sounding earbuds. But, I am on my third set. The first two were returned for replacement, and third set has fallen apart. For the money, I expect quality. Not something held together by glue that comes undone within a month. The company has offered to replace this third, no questions asked, but I have grown tired of "waiting" to listen to music. These ear buds sound "bad" when I can't use them. So, good sound, when they are used, but poor material quality.

Bethel, MN


This in-ear headset has great sound/Includes switcher for iPhone


This is a very good headset. Much better sound than the stock headset that comes with the iPhone. Rich deep bass and great surround sound effects. I was able to turn down the volume on the iPhone when I started using this headset. The in-ear earbuds block out much of the ambient background noises. It also comes with a switcher for the iPhone that allows you to control phone calls and the iPod controls just the way the stock Apple headset does. The cable is made of fabric, not plastic. This appears to be more durable and less apt to tangle easily.

Des Moines, IA


V-moda Vibe In-Ear Headphones

3.5 6