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Utz  - Pub Mix

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Addictive pub mix!


Utz Pub Mix is addictive! We bought a big cylindrical container of this pub mix for a family gathering. It was a huge hit. Everyone loved it. It has many different textures and flavors (honey mustard and cheddar cheese twistix, honey roasted sesame chips, oriental rice crackers, pretzel stix, nacho bagel chips and Worcestershire rye chips). It's a little bit on the spicy/strong side so if you have acid reflux issues, you will want to steer clear of it. You can't just eat a few pieces of it. It is hard to stop eating it. I advise picking up a couple of containers of it because you will go through it too quickly. It's great to serve at parties, gatherings, or have as a snack while watching tv. It's not too messy to eat. I probably wouldn't recommend it for toddlers as some of the pieces are quite hard and can be choking hazards. The containers are pretty cool as well. They are large spiral designed cylinders with screw top lids. Can be washed up and make some pretty cool storage containers.




Utz - Pub Mix

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