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Uristat phenazopyridine

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This stuff can be a lifesaver


I'm gonna warn you right now, this is a review for a urinary tract inflammation treatment. If you don't like the kind of potentially-TMI information that implies, click away now. I'll wait. OK, moving on. You may or may not know that every time you have that godawful burning sensation and inability to tinkle, it's not necessarily a bladder *infection*. A bladder infection is caused by bacteria or viruses colonizing the urinary tract (and it can spread to your kidneys, and that's serious business, so by all means if you think at all that this is what you might have, **see your doctor**). No, for some of us, sometimes the pipes just get a little bit riled up, and refuse to function for a while. This is urinary tract *inflammation*, and it can happen for a variety of reasons but there are some lucky people (and I am not naming names here. I'm talking about ... uh ... a friend of mine, yeah, that's the ticket) who periodically suffer from the inability to do a number one. Enter Uristat. It's a little red pill you get at the drugstore and take every 12 hours. It relaxes the urinary system enough that while you're drinking water and cranberry juice by the quart and waiting for all systems to be go again, you can, well, *go* again. The only drawback is that Uristat will turn your pee bright alien orange. Of course, certain types of people may not consider this a drawback. My doctor once told me that in medical school they would slip Uristat in each other's beer and then wait for the surprise when the pranked party went to the men's room.

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Uristat phenazopyridine

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