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Urban Originals

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**DO NOT ORDER** from urban originals! Not only was I scammed out of $30 for "next day" shipping the customer service is atrocious! I order a pair of shoes for halloween and selected next day shipping.  When I recieved the shipment conformation from UPS they told me my shoes wouldnt be delivered until Monday November 1st! I paid $30 to get "next day" shipping which apparently means 3 day shipping.  I called customer service and she said that the only refund I would get would be for the shoes....I was out $30 for nothing!!! **Do not order from this company!** Especially if you need the items overnight because you wont get them! Dont waste your time or money with this company! I mean really.....**next day shipping which you recieve 3 days later? **

Findlay, OH


Funky Fresh Fashions - At Reasonable Prices


I found this website using a web adflasher promo, and I was glad I found it.  I think that you get a $10 store credit when you sign up, but I got free earrings.  Anyway, I looked around the site, and they have some cool stuff, and it costs as much as going out to the stores, to shop.  But I looked on the site and they had shoes, for like four or five dollars, and earrings for less than two dollars.  I know some of you may not be able to wear last year's shoes, but I am one of those willing to buy a four dollar shoe and hold it in my shoe vault and wait for it to come back in style again.  They also have some of the most nice looking killer kickass boots on line right now.  Some of the blouses and shirts are a little sleezy, but a lot of folks like that look.  What I like about it is that they had a lot of stuff marked down, and that what i love, a clearance rack or sale.  I intend to buy a lot of stuff for xmas for my younger neices from this site, and I am glad I found it. 

Fort Worth, TX


Urban Originals

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