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Urban Decay
Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss

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yummy gloss


I have a mini version of the full sized and it's a pretty fantastic gloss. I am missing out on the normal packaging, because apparently it has a picture of a hot dude and when depending on how you turn the tube, he magically loses his clothing (guess that's why it's named the "pocket rocket", eh? I totally didn't realize what the name was referring to until I looked it up. Quite interesting, in fact ;)) The flavor I've got is Timothy. The color is a bright coral-pink type of color, and looks absolutely yummy in the tube. When applied, the color pretty sheer, and can be built up to a more opaque coverage. Apparently it's supposed to be creme-brulee flavored, but since I've never had it before, I'll just say it tastes like brown sugar. It provides a substantial shine when applied, so it's guaranteed a second look when you wear it out. Overall this is a really fun gloss with great color and smell.

Medford, MA


I take Pocket Rocket with me everywhere.


Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss is one of my favorite lip glosses. I use the color "Doug". One of the things I think is awesome about this product is that Urban Decay got creative with it, and decided to put sexy men on the lid. It's a holograph, so in one angle he is clothed, and the next he's half naked. There are many colors and guys to choose from, which I also love because of the variety. "Doug" goes well over top of lipsticks, and doesn't add to much color. It's very shimmery, and has a pleasant taste. The only complaint I have about Pocket Rocket is that it comes off very easy. The top of the lid also contains pheromones, which are supposed to attract men. That is an incredible invention to me. This product is a little pricy, but it's totally worht it to me. You get beauty and a little bit of fun all in one. I'd definitly recommend this product, especially the color "Doug". I love it!

Hamilton, OH


Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss

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