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Eyelid Primer
Urban Decay
Urban Decay Lingerie & Galoshes for Lashes Mascara

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FANTASTIC pre & post mascara product!


I've been using this product since I discovered it several years ago.  One end is a lash conditioner.  The other is a waterproofer.  If you use waterproof mascara, it can dry out your eyelashes.  But, with the waterproofer in the Lingerie & Galoshes, your lashes do not dry out.  And, it works!  There is never any undereye black circles due to mascara running.  You can even swim with it!

Silver Spring, MD


Urban Decay is amazing!


Urban Decay is my go to brand for primers. I love Urban Decay. The Urban Decay Lingerie and Galoshes for Lashes is the best primer I have ever used before applying my mascara. Well to be honest, it is the only primer I have ever used before applying my mascara, but, it is really amazing! I probably will never have to go on the search for a better primer because i'm pretty sure I found the best one. The only thing I don't really like about this primer is that is claims to lengthen and thicken your lashes but I felt as though my lashes were not thicker or longer after applying the primer. Although they did feel heavier. I love how the tube of this product is double ended and that is has a clear waterproof sealer. It is also a plus that the primer is clear. The primer and waterproofer are a two for one deal and I think that it is worth the money. I love Urban Decay products and in my mind they rank number one on primers!

Long Valley, NJ


Very different


First initial thought was I love purple I love the packaing with the cute lingerie. Then I opened the product to primer side and was actually extremely suprised to see that the primer was a sheer white and once applied went on clear (which is amazing) most primers go on a white or grey which make it difficult to put black mascara over because sometimes the primer is hard to completely cover. Then I opened the galoshes side and for some reason I thought this side would be a mascara but it was the same consistency as the primer. I turned out it was like a mascara seal that turn regular mascara into waterproof mascara. The product comes in handy when you want to turn you mascara into waterproof. But the actual product does nothing it doesnt seperate or lengthn but it is a good primer and waterproof product.

La Quinta, CA


Lingerie and Galoshes are great -- but not on their own.


I have very thick and dark eyelashes, so I bought this product thinking I might use it like a clear mascara but get the benefits of conditioning. Not a good idea -- it was too thick, white, and gloppy. It looked a little like I had some sort of eye infection. Of course, I wasn't using it as it was intended -- to condition prior to mascara and waterproof afterwards. So if you're sure to use a dark mascara, it would probably be fine.

Jacksonville, FL


When I want to look my best, I wear my Lingerie and Galoshes.


***Quick View***: I am not a fan of waterproof mascaras because I think they are clumpy and tough to remove. But sometimes, I need a mascara that won't run in certain conditions. I found this product and like the dual use of it. It's good. Unnecessary for most but good.***About Urban Decay Lingerie and Galoshes for Lashes***This product is a purple double ended wand system that looks like a thick mascara tube. On one side (Lingerie) is lightweight primer to apply on the lashes before mascara application. It's pretty decent primer and does lengthen and thicken my lashes when mascara is applied. On the other side is a clear waterproof formula (Galoshes) which seals your regular mascara and keeps it from running in wet conditions. Cute idea!The primer part isn't as good as some other lash primers I have used but it is decent. It goes on slightly white but is fully covered by your mascara. It does give my lashes a bit more volume and length. After my mascara has dried, I apply the clear, shiny waterproofing side. This doesn't pull my mascara off or dilute it. It leaves lashes shiny and looking good. But is it REALLY waterproof? I wouldn't scuba dive wearing this but rainstorms, tears, splashes, and sweat all leave my lashes unscathed with no running. I would say this stuff lives up to its promises.I only use the primer when I plan to use the waterproof side although it is a good everyday primer. I have used both ends several times and am pleased with the results. It isn't a must have but it's a nice extra in my makeup case for those times when I just can't afford to have my mascara running down my face. This product does stop that. Like I said, I wouldn't swim underwater and trust it (although I haven't so I can't say for sure) but, in general, this is an innovative dual product that works well.***My Viewpoint***This is a great special occasion product when you want to wear your best mascara but want to make sure it is sealed and stays put. The primer has little fibers to thicken and lengthen the lashes and the waterproofer works quite well. I am giving it ***4 stars***. It's good!

The heart of , NY


Urban Decay Lingerie & Galoshes for Lashes Mascara

4.2 5