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Unum Short Term Disability Insurance


My place of employment offers Unum Short Term Disability Insurance, which also has a Maternity clause. They will pay for 6 weeks after the birth of your child, but the policy doesn't kick in for 7 days. So essentially they will pay for five weeks of your Maternity Leave at 2/3rds your normal rate. Dealing with Unum has been nothing but a hassle. Once I realized that Unum is a Fortune 500 company (which means that they are one of the 500 richest companies in the USA) it all started to make sense. First of all, they didn't want to pay out the claim. I had to call and have my HR Director call on my behalf before I received a check. Then they had the payout amount incorrect. They shorted me on the actual amount of days in the claim AND the amount of money it should have been. This required two phone calls from me personally and two phone calls from my HR Director. I still haven't received a check for the difference and I go back to work exactly two weeks from today! Dealing with Unum has been nothing but a hassle and apparently this is how they operate. You don't get to be one of the richest companies in America by paying your claims, I guess! Take your money elsewhere if you have an option.

Lake Crystal, MN



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