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University of Phoenix-Online Campus

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University of Phoenix online, its great for me.


After having been out of school for over 35 years, I was scared to try something new. But I found this was the perfect way for me to go back to school. Class is more on my schedule, it makes it great for work and studies. I wish we didn't have to take all those classes that don't really pretain to my degree, the first of the classes were, health, compitsitons, math. The cost of the classes a little high that is one of the reasons I feel they need to stream line the classes. But I do love the classes that pretain to my degree.

Donaldsonville, LA


It's very convenient!


I have been attending University of Phoenix online for almost 2 years now.  While it is one of the pricier colleges, you can't beat the convenience of studying at your own pace and at home.   It's really been good for me because I work, and am a single mom.  My daughter and I do our homework together at the kitchen table.  It's good for her to see me working so hard, and it shows her that she should go to college when she is young instead of waiting so long like I did! lol  Well, I also think that most of the teachers are very friendly and helpful.  Some are tougher than others, but you'll have that anywhere.  I love that I can email my teacher or call them and usually get an answer the same day.  You have a lot of time to get your work done by working at it a little at a time.  I like the convenience of online courses, and I plan to continue my education with the University of Phoenix until I graduate.

Collins, OH


Convenient but very expensive


I have been attending Phoenix now for 1year and so far, I haven't had any real issues. I do feel like the school is for morons because readingn posts from some people, you can't help but wonder how they had passed their last 8 classes when they can't spell, their punctuation is wrong and they type ghetto using incorrect tenses. It is very easy though because you can long in any 4 days a week to make posts and usually your assignments are due on Sunday so you have all week to know whats due. I don't like that it takes a few days for a counselor or advisor to get back to you about an issue. They say I owe $1.50 for financial aid because I took a break over 29 days...well I never took a break and the $1.50 is what was left over from my student loan and pell grant. Over all, its an easy way to earn a degree if you aren't able to go on campus but don't expect a whole lot of education from the other students. 40% are dumb as dirt.

Fenton, MI


University of Phoenix is a good decision for busy people.


I just recently graduated from University of Phoenix Online Campus with an associate's degree in Criminal Justice and will continue my education with the college for a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. I am a very busy person, I have a full time job, I am in the Army Reserves, and I have a family with a new born son. When deciding to go back to school I needed something that would fit my schedule and work with me during times I needed to travel with the Army. University of Phoenix has done just that; in the two years I have been with the school my counselors have been able to work with my schedule while still being able to continue my education. The curriculum is very good and helps students understand the subject necessary for their studies. The classes are fast past but at the same time offer the proper time to study the required information. To help with the student time restraints each student only has two classes very nine weeks during their associates degree and one class every five week during their bachelor's degree. Some instructors are not the best at responding to your questions in an appropriate time frame, but overall the instructors do help the students through the internet and over the phone. If you are looking for a school that is accredited, professional, works with your schedule and provides Military discounts University of Phoenix is the right place for you.

Spring Grove, PA


A well run online college program for all careers


I do noy know why I waited this long to find the University of Phoenix. The curriculum is very broad for choosing a career. If a student has previous credits this college will transfer them and find a category to put them in so the student will get credit. I had 21 credits in all different subjects. Phoenix took them all. The site is easy to use and to navigate. The faculty and advisors have been super do deal with. As far as doing the work in classes it makes it convenient for all types of life styles. Another great factor is living in the different time zones for submitting assignments. For example I live in the est , which gives me 3 extra hours to submit my assignments on time. I am completing my associate's  degree at 51 years of age and will continue on to my bachelors. This college is amust for people that want to start or go back to college.

Amsterdam, NY


I can't believe I waited so long


I had no idea that going back to school would be so rewarding and easy. Don't get me wrong the work is a challenge at times but the staff at the University of Phoenix has made the registration and financial aid process so easy. They even signed up for the Pell grant and I was approved. I have a financial counselor that keeps me updated on my school finances and an acedemic counselor that keeps me updated on my acedemics. I find it very easy to talk to them and they always go out of their way to get me answers when I need them. I have already recieved my associates degree in IT and I am now in my 3rd year bachelors program. Being that I never did real good with grades in high school I was shocked to see how well i am doing in college and how easy going to school online is compared to being in a building full of distractions. I only do school work about 2 hours a day 4 days a week and I am passing with all A's and B's. I get to be home for my family instead of in a building full of strangers. My recommendation for anyone planning on returning to college is to go to University of Phoenix online. The staff will get you set up without you having to do anything or pay anything until you finish.  

Ormond Beach, FL


This school cares more for your money than what you learn.


I will not totally trash this school but I will be honest.  This school has a lot of majors to choose from.  If you study the online courses it will be around 2 - 2.5 k a class.  The pros of this was well it is online so you can study at your own time.....THE CONS:  staff is very unhelpful, when you call to get something done you get the runaround and your counselours change every two days ( ok im exagerrating) but in my time there 2 years I had seven counselours just for the academic part and 8 financial aid counselours.  All of which did not have any clue to what they were doing.  If you don't like working in teams this school is not for you.  I am the type of person who likes to get  things in on time, take note that class members are from all over the world and time zones differ.  If somebody does not do their cut of the work and you want to pass you will end up doing all the work yourself.  Some teachers take over two weeks to answer your emails.  Let lone the financial aid department:  they claimed my money was refunded to the lender i called the lender to see what was going on and they said no money had been refunded .  I paid for classes and the institution is now wanting to collect for classes I already paid using student loans.  Even after I faxed in information backing up that I had paid and that the lender never received a refund from UOP, they still decided I was responsible for paying again.  They held back my diploma and when I called to see what was going on, my financial aid counselour had changed once again, he was young and naive and kept telling me he was new and I needed to wait for his supervisor to look into my account blah blah blah.  The resource page, where you get your books never has what you need.  They are always doing site maintenance so you can hardly login when it is convenient to you.  As for the online classes, you need to join discussions where there are as many threads as in a woven  blanket and you have to scroll and scroll to find the adequate one.  NOTE: Teachers will not look for your post so if you answered and it scrolled to the bottom you are SOL.  That being said they did the financial aid bluff to my sister too and she noticed she was overcharged for almost 3 grand!  She is still trying to get her  moneyback.  And forget going to a campus to try to figure things out they will just give you the 800 number that nobody answers or an email address to your current counselour and you can cross your fingers they will take care of stuff for you.  But yeah.....in the beginning when you are just signing up everything will look as if everybody there loves you and cares...after they get their commission check for signing you up they forget about you.  Hope this helps make a decision.  To sum it up: way to expensive......not worth the hassle.

Fajardo, PR


University of Phoenix Online - Not worth the money


University of Phoenix Online is the largest for profit online college. When people think online college they think u of p. But the college has suffered and paid several multi million dollar lawsuits for violating student aid policies and it is widely regarded as little more than a degree mill. And they are very expensive also. The reason to go to school here is that they have no admission requirements nor do they require any tests. If you are looking to earn a business degree there are hundreds of better online colleges for that and most cost a lot less too. I would recommend you look around before enrolling because of the high cost and low respectability of this college with employers and in college circles.

Hoboken, NJ


University of Phoenix-Online Campus

3.5 8