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University of Phoenix-Online Campus

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The school that really work for you


I have enrolled in Phoenix university and I love it. You get help from an Academic Counselor if you have any question and you feel you are never alone. What i love about the school also that they have workshop to help you succeed.

Mesa, AZ


Easy to access, best decision I ever made educationaly.


UoP online campus makes going to college easy! You dont have to worry about needing a sitter for your kids, gas or transportation to get to and from classes. Do your homework around your life. A must for those looking to further their education.

Atlanta, MO


Best Education!


This was a total learning experience.  I received my Masters in Organizational Management from the Online Campus in 2002.  This was the best learning experience I have experienced.  Having peer students working in a variety of companies with the same goals was perfect for learning how the concepts being taught may be applied in the real world.  This was a very engaging way to learn.  The instructor/facilitators were excellent in getting the students to tap into their individual knowledge and experiences and helping them share with others to provide a complete learning experience.  Best of all, you can check in to the class on your own schedule which provides flexibility for working students, moms, and others who may have other obligations.  I attended a brick and mortar university as an adult for my undergraduate degree and I must say that I learned and retained a lot more in the online program and what I learned is useful today!

Hamden, CT


In a lot of ways, I find University of Phoenix "underwhelming."


I attended Axia college first, the two year program. I liked it for the most part and anticipated that my four year program would be much the same. They advertise  that the school goes around YOUR life. NOT SO!! You are put in groups with people who you don't know and who may not have the interest in schooling or the language ability that you have. You have to write papers and do powerpoints with them and if everyone doesn't do their part, at the last minute, it HAS to be done by someone or everyone gets a zero. I sat here one night with a daughter having a 102 temp, was working till 1 am and had to finish a paper cuz two people never posted their work!!! I talked to counselors and they advise "that is how it is in the real world."  Bull! if this happened in the real world, i would slug someone.  Further, it is VERY expensive.  If i could do it all again, i would look into other options.

Norristown, PA


University of Phoenix-Online Campus

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