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University of Phoenix - MBA

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The University of Phoenix opened a door I thought was closed for


When I obtained my associates I had always figured I would continue on with my education. Real life then hit me for a loop and my education was pushed to the bottom of the list. Between work and kids, there really was no time for me to go back to school. Finally I knew I wanted to go back to school, I had heard so much about online education that I finally decided to look into it. I enrolled in the University of Phoenix and suddenly the degree I thought I would never get to recieve was mine. I even continued on for my Masters. I found that the University of Phoenix was good, I had some good facilitators and I had some nice "classmates" which was important as every class stressed working in a group. I found that certain subjects that I was never good at in class were easier for me to understand online since I could go back and review over and over instead of a professor rushing towards the next subject. I think that it takes alot becuase there is no one pushing you, you need to want it on your own but the University of Phoenix did provide the tools necessary in order to do just that. If I had any complaints it would be that I found, expecially in the MBA program that the set up was so exact that the classes became boring as each class no matter what the topic was the exact same format, even the papers were done in the same format so by the time I finished I was happy, I gre bored with the same format over and over. Even still I am thankful that I was able to finish school without having to take more time away from my kids and I would recommend an online education to others.

Brooklyn, NY


I was nervous about an online class but, got over it quickly


I needed to take just one more class to receive my Disability Specialist degree.  The state I had just moved to didn't offer this specific degree so I decided to check on-line.  I researched several on-line college classes but found University of Phoenix to fit what I needed.  I was nervous about taking an on-line class, nervous because I had never taken one before.  People had told me about them but it never seem like something I would want to do until I had to. It was a great experience.  The people I spoke to at the University of Phoenix were wonderful.  I had one women who actually took me under her wing and walked me through the entire process of the on-line experience before our classes started.  I felt very comfortable now that she helped me with this process.  She was very pleasant and patient and stayed on the phone with me until I understood every aspect of what I should expect from the class.  Checking my emails, submitting assignments, how to contact my teacher, where to find my syllabus, everything...! I wish I had know about this for some other classes I had taken.  I would have done them on-line with University of Phoenix!

Myrtle Beach, SC


University of Phoenix is an outstanding school.


The University of Phoenix is a great school to attend.  I was unsure about taking online classes for my master.  But my first class at University of Phoenix was great.    The way the classes are set up make it easy for students to adjust and me the class requirements.                                                                                                                      The teachers are people who have real life experience that they bring to theclass. The teachers provide constructive critism when needed on the assignments.  Each class at the University of Phoenix have dicussions questions every week, which allows you to discuss things that are going on today world that may relate to the class. It is also a good way to communicate with the other students and get know others opinion on certain things in life.      The university of phoenix also have us work in learning teams. This is a good way to work with other students in the class and get help with class assignments.

Conway, AR


Its a quick degree thats undervalued


The school is great and offers lots of resources but its value in the job field is found to be worthless. People just don't take the University of Phoenix as a serious place of education and have even less respect for the teachers that educate for them.

Gilbert, AZ


University of Phoenix - MBA

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