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University of Phoenix - Bachelors

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UOP is great but if you're going for a bachelor's it's too slow.


University of Phoenix is a fantastic college, even online, however, if you're attending for your Bachelor's, it takes forever. You're also expected to learn in 5 weeks of class, what you would normally learn in an entire semester. While this is a good way to keep one focused, it can also cause one to fail. The cost is also high. With the Bachelor's program, an individual takes one class at a time, for 5 weeks at about $1600 per class. I have attended on-campus college for $1600 and I took 4 classes at a time, sometimes 5. Once again the college is fantastic in general, but I would not go back to complete my Bachelor's.

Smoaks, SC


Univ. of Phoenix is the perfect place for the non-traditional.


I love the University of Phoenix.  If you did not do well at a traditional high school or college, then this is the school for you.  They have thought of everything to ensure your success.   The classes are small.  The teachers are working adults that are understanding of a variety of backgrounds and situations.  There's sufficient homework, but there is not an overwhelming about of homework due at any given time, because the teachers and the school understand that most students are adults who are returning to school after a hiatus and that most people have demanding, full-time jobs and in most cases, they have families and schedules that must be condersidered.  Overall, it's really a great place to be!

Spanish Fork, UT


University of Phoenix - Bachelors

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