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University of Phoenix - Bachelor of Science, Psychology

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School is expensive, and they never stop emailing you.


I looked into University Of Phoenix  (UOP)  because I wanted to finish my education, but did not have the luxury of being able to attend on campus. I needed a school that would allow me the option of going to class on campus or online.  What I found was that UOP has an excellent selection of majors, and very helpful counselors, but of course everything comes at a cost. They are very expensive compared to conventional schools and the staff although helpful never stop contacting you. I received numerous emails daily, as well as several calls and voicemails even after expressing my disinterest in utilizing their services. I regret ever contacting this school, because they never let you off the hook. If you are looking for savings and value in your online educational experience try Troy University.

Augusta, GA


University of Phoenix - Bachelor of Science, Psychology

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