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University of Phoenix - BA in Psychology

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I love University of Phoenix because it is the only way I can go


I absolutely love the Univerisity of Phoenix. It has given me the opportunity to go to school online without the hassle or expense of providing childcare for my children, having to attend classes at a particular time or hindering my involvement in all the other activities I enjoy. The University of Phoenix offers classes that really do fit my needs. After my divorce, I became a single mom to three kids and it became a struggle to figure out how to make ends meet, much less attempt to go back to school. I have a full time job and attend church regularly so attending classes just was not feesible for me. The University of Phoenix afforded me the opportunity to stay in my job, work normal business hours so my time away from my family is as limited as possible and still complete my degree in a very quick manner. I love that I can attend school whenever I have the extra time. As long as I plug in four times a week I am doing what is required to keep my attendance up and I am getting all the information I need to keep going. I can work during my breaks at work or after my kids are in bed. It does not get much better than that! I usually use my breaks at work to attend classes and post my responses as required by the University for attendance then I work on my papers and other assignments at home after my kids are in bed. I still attend church functions several times a week and stay involved in my children's lives without taking away any of the financial backing from my job. The financial aid workers have helped me tremendously to keep my school paid for and to avoid an added financial strain. I can not say enough good stuff about the University of Phoenix. I would not trade this experience and opportunity for anything.

Bonaire, GA


University of Phoenix - BA in Psychology

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