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University of Phoenix - AAACC-011B

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Comfortable way to attend online


For anyone who is wanting or needing to achieve a degree or to further their education, this is a terriffic place to go to. This university has a very helpful and informative staff that will be there for you and answer all the questions that you may have. The programs offered are numerous and the university library offers many searchable information sites and references. There is also help with writing and math skills in the Centers for Writing Excellence and the Center for Mathematics Excellence. Also included in the sources for more assistance is the Writer and Plagiarism checker. A great tool to help students doing research and thesis reports and papers.   So far, I have had nothing but awesome experiences with the teaching staff at UOP/Axia College. Taking online classes has proven to definitely fit my busy schedule as a full-time mom and daycare provider. I can sit down whenever I have the scheduled time to attend my classes and work on my homework.   I definitely recommend this university to anyone who is ready to continue their education to better themselves and their knowledge for a better career or to step up one the ladder of success in your present career.

Jacksonville, IL


University of Phoenix - AAACC-011B

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