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University of Maryland University College - MBA

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After I had graduated college I needed another 30 credits to be able to sit to become a certified public accountant. I look at a bunch of different online programs and UMUC seemed to be the best fit for me and I was correct. The one issue I had was I needed a program where I could work and do the online degree and this program was exactly what I was looking for, a way to get my masters degree and work at the same time. I have one class left to get my masters in accounting and finance. Once you apply to go to school at UMUC it is very easy to look through all the degrees they have to offer. Where you do it online or over the phone there is always someone you can take to who is very helpful and knowledge about everything. Once I decided on the program that I wanted to do enrolling in the program was very quick and easy. The one thing I like about this online program is they make you take a course to formiarlize yourself with how to use the online software they use. The online stuff is quick and easy to pick up. Every professor that I have had for my classes have made the classes enjoyable and are there for you whenever you have questions about something that we had to read or an assignment they have assigned. If you are looking for a online program to get your masters degree where you can still work as well this is the program for you.



University of Maryland University College best way to learn!


University of Maryland University is just one in a list of online schools. But this one stands above the rest. The professors seem to care, the classes are small and while you are doing your classes from home you still get to work close with the professors and your fellow classmates. It is a University that a lot of individuals in the military attend. While I am not in the military, I saw how the professors understood if those that are in it have trouble finishing work on time. it is very expensive, which is the one bad thing I have to say about the University. It costs as much to take classes online as it did for when I attended college in person. It is more than my college tuition, my dorm, and my meal plan put together. The professors give you assignments due on a certain day, and you can do them on your time. The finals are sent to a proctor, and you have to take the exams in front of the proctor who will then mail them to your professor. Class Selection There are many different classes you can choose from, and many different majors. I majored in History but took a lot of different classes that piqued my interest. Teaching Quality The professors were great, always there when you need help.

Callicoon, NY


Couldn't ask for a better way to get a degree!


Going back to school to get my degree was going to be a challenge now that I am a mom of four.  UMUC has made it easy.  Every single class that I need to take for my degree is offered online.  The only time I need to leave the comfort of my home to complete something for a class is for testing.  They offer many locations around the state to make it easy.  For those not in the state or even out of the country, they offer alternatives for that also.   The support and education are top notch at UMUC.

Parkville, MD


The UMUC MBA program is challenging- not for the weak.


The University of Maryland University College (UMUC) Master's of Business Administration (MBA) program is challenging and uses cutting-edge technology to ensure a grasp of methods used in the business world. The program is heavy on ethics, sustainability, and global awareness. For more information about the program, visit the UMUC MBA home page at http://www.umuc.edu/departments/bus-exec/mba/index.shtml

Fort Knox, KY


University of Maryland University College - MBA

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