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University of Florida - Online Business Program (BSBA)

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Poor administration


I expressed interest 2 years ago into taking continuing education classes online. Spoke with a representative. Last month I received a bill for $3,700 for tuition from 2 years ago. When I called the school, they are putting the burden of proof on me rather than taking care of it. I will never contact this school again after this is resolved.

St. Louis


Wow, a top rated school offering an online bachelor's degree!


If you live in Florida (or close enough to travel to Florida to take exams) and are looking for an online program to get a bachelor's degree in business administration through a top rated school, look no further.  The University of Florida offers a program which allows you to 'attend' the same classes as regular on-campus student via the web.  Then you take proctored exams at one of 28 testing locations throughout Florida.  The program consists of 15 classes, 4 credits each.  You can go at your own pace and take as long as you need or you can finish in as little as 5 semesters.  There are 7 pre-requisite classes that you must take before you can be admitted to the program.  Visit the college website at [http://www.cba.ufl.edu/upb/programs/obsba/][1] to see the requirements and cirriculum. There is also a website that was created by UF online students, for UF online students.  This provides a great support system and allows students from all over Florida who are taking the same online classes to network and come together as one group.  You can check out the Gator Online Student Association (GOSA) at [www.ufonlinestudents.org][2] .  Come see what we're all about! [1]: http://www.cba.ufl.edu/upb/programs/obsba/ [2]: http://www.ufonlinestudents.org/

Orange Park, FL


University of Florida - Online Business Program (BSBA)

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