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Universal Pet Products
Universal Pet Products Proderma V

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Promotes and maintains healthy skin and fur for dogs and cats


Proderma V is a "nutritional supplement for the promotion and maintenance of healthy skin and hair-coat." It is only for dogs and cats and comes in 8 oz canisters in a powder form.Proderma V was recommended to me by my vet for one of my cats who had a dandruff problem. (see my gray/white one eyed kitty - Jester)Jester alway had dandruff which would increase and decrease depending on the season, but it never went away.I started putting Proderma in everyone's wet food. When I consistently gave them wet food every day, the dandruff problem went away and everyone's coat was a little softer and shinier. He looked and felt better, but the problem came back when I quit using Proderma.I personally did not use the recommended dosage of 1/5 to 1/3 scoop per cat because the food became too gritty and the cats would not eat it. I only put in about 1/5 scoop per small can of wet food and then divided it between all my cats. They were all only getting very small amounts of the product, but it still worked great when I used it consistently.I highly recommend this product for any cat and dog with dandruff, itchy skin, or poor quality skin and fur.

Hixson, TN


I wouldn't have believed my lab would stop shedding!!!


i wouldn't have believed -- and didn't expect it -- but after about six weeks of adding Proderma to her food, my black lab mix stopped her excessive shedding. In fact, I used to have to clean the drain of the shower several times after her bath. The latest bath?? -- hardly any hair shed at all. And her coat is a bit more glossy too. She, by the way, acts as if a sprinkling of Proderma on her food is like sugar on a kid's cereal -- just loves it.

New York, NY


Universal Pet Products Proderma V

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