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Unitrin Direct

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unitrin direct auto car insurance is the cheapest and the best


unitrin direct has 24 hour claim service i recomend them to any one who wants to save money when i was 18 every one wanted to charge me between 105.00 to 500.00 a month unitrin direct was only 85 dollars and10  cents. I love my insurance company and i think any one who tries them will be satisfied and recomend anyone they can to them. Most people dont like thier insurance company and unitrin direct doesnt give any hassle at all. They also have a member referal program.

Elfrida, AZ


Unitrin has the best Prices and Fast Excellent Customer Service


I have been with Unitrin Direct for over 6 years.  Nobody comes close to the price I pay for full coverage with high limits or the customer service I receive.  They have a referral program as well, so you even get a little back when you refer someone even if they don't take the policy. Their paid in full discount is great as well. I have checked all the majors and they don't come close.

Coral Springs, FL


Unitrin is all about the dollar, not customer service


I have had several insurance companies during my life as a driver. Unitrin had to be one of the absolute worst of all. Out of five calls to customer service, I never found one rep who spoke or understood English fully. Most customer service calls yield frustrated customers. Having to repeat things 500 times makes it even more frustrating! They offer no discounts unless you call and ask for them. I dont work for Unitrin so how would I know if i am eligible for a discount unless they tell me. I moved to a more rural area than before yet my rate stayed the same. Four months later I called about online transactions and then I was told I should be paying less. My reduction was no retroactive which I felt was a slap in the face since it was not my fault they failed to notify me. Then during the change in payment options, my payment was late because I assumed it was automatically deducted. The person I could barely understand on the phone failed to tell me it would take 5-10 days to take effect. After two years with these people, my first late payment resulted in a cancellation which led to a whole host of problems. I would rather go without insurance than to go back to these people.

Hampton, VA


Great Insurance, Responsive Customer Service


I have switched insurance companies multiple times since I started driving. I have never filed a claim with any of them, but all previous companies (even well-known and popular ones) were constantly giving me headaches with billing problems, bad agents, and bad customer service. I found Unitrin approximately 5 years ago and haven't had a problem with them. My bills are always correct. If I have a question, I can email customer service and get an answer back in a day.  Insurance premiums are evaluated every 6 months, so you are only responsible for paying 6 months at a time.  If you can't pay it in one lump sum, then they offer 3 different payment plan methods.  Like all companies, there is a fee for payments, but they are adjusted based on how you make your payments, i.e. lower for automatic payments. When I moved, I updated my information online and received updated documentation promptly.  Their prices are reasonable.  When I bought a house I found they offer a homeowners insurance combo with discount and the process of signing up for it was seamless.  After one year, I have not had a problem with that part of my insurance either.

Raytown, MO


Unitrin Direct has been with me since I bought my van


For the first time in January of 2009 I went to a dealership and drove off the lot with my vehicle and insurance and everything.  I signed up with Unitrin Direct at the dealership online when I bought my van. The guy at the dealership went to a web site that competes for your business and they were the lowest of all the quotes that i received right to my e-mail within minutes.  I signed up and was on my way I have been with them since then and have been very happy with them.  Their customer service is great I had a billing issue once when an automatic payment wasn't deducted from my account and it was fixed within minutes every time I call it has been one call resolution, which I love being a busy mom I can't sit on the phone waiting for supervisors to be put on the line.  I have full coverage still with two primary drivers and pay significantly less than I would with any other company I have compared with for the same coverage. 

Brooklyn, MD


Unitrin Direct

4.0 5