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Unisom Sleepmelts Cherry 24 ea

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Not what I expected, but it is good for allergies


Insomnia is something that I have stuggled with most of my adult life.  I find that if I take the same sleep aid night after night, they either stop working for me or I become addicted to them.  I have taken the blue oval Unisom sleep aid pills on and off for the past 15 years, but when I saw a new form of Unisom called Unisom Sleepmelts, I was intrigued enough to give them a try. The box contains 24 cherry flavored tablets or pills, but they have a different ingredient than the blue colored Unisom pills I was so familiar with.  Original Unisom contains an ingredient called doxylamine succinate, but the Sleepmelts contain diphenhydramine, which is the same ingredient in the allergy medication Benadryl. I found the pills very hard to remove from the packaging.  Just like the original Unisom, the tablets are in a foil packet, and you can tear off one tablet along the perforations.  Again, like the original formula, you have to peel back the paper layer, then push the pills through a foil backed package.  This sounds easy enough, but don't try it in the middle of the night!  I did and it left me very frustrated and irritated - the last thing you need when you have insomnia. I took these to Hawaii with us, where our daughter and son-in-law joined us at our condominium.  My daughter takes an all natural sleep aid called Midnite, which is similar to the Unisom Sleepmelts, except the Midnight pills taste great and push out of the packaging extremely easily. My sn-in-law took one Unisom Sleepmelts (you can take two) one evening, and the next morning he informed me that he could not get the pill out of the foil packaging without breaking it in half.  I told him that I had the same exact experience and found it frustrating.  He said the Unisom Sleepmelts tasted horrible, and while I wouldn't go that far, I do agree that these are not the best tasting pills, they are somewhat bitter and don't have much of a real cherry flavor. Last, Unisom Sleepmelts did not melt in my mouth like the Midnite cherry flavored sleep aids do (and Midnite tastes great!), and they did not help either myself or my son-in-law fall asleep faster.  In fact, in both cases, we were awake into the early hours of the morning after taking the Unisom Sleepmelts. I love original Unisom, but I will never purchase the Sleepmelts again.  If Benadryl works for your allergies, these may be a quick way to get it into your system, but it is also more expensive. Effectiveness These did not help me or one of my relatives get to sleep any faster Ease of Use Very hard to get out of the package without breaking, hard to do if you need to take one of these in the middle of the night Immediacy Did not help me get to sleep Side Effects None


Eagle River, AK


Unisom Sleepmelts Cherry 24 ea

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