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UniTravel.com is Less than Satisfactory


If you travel as I do, then you likely are always looking for a way to get more bang for your buck and you probably turn to the internet for most of your travel needs. I use the internet exclusively for travel purchases and while I have my favorite sites, I will venture anyplace online that a good deal takes me. One lesser- known web site I have used from time to time is Unitravel.com. Travel Site Facts and Commentary: Unitravel.com is all about hotel lodging and it offers lodging services across the globe. Visitors to the site can either search by clicking on a region of the globe, or by directly entering the name of a city, landmark, country, or area into the search box, along with dates and the number of people in your party, and then pressing the search button. The site will return with a list of possible places to stay, prices, etc. Unitravel.com does show a good number of hotel options with the prices clearly indicated. You can then click on a hotel or resort and find out what it offers, view pictures, etc. I like the information, but I must say that the presentation is a little sloppy. The Hotel Overview section lists everything out without any formatting or organization to keep things clear. The site really needs to improve in this area. The ultimate means to judge any web site is, of course, the bottom line cost and Unitravel.com is only so- so in this area. Its prices are okay, but I can almost always check another service and find a better deal. Also, other than a mapping function, there is little else in the way of tools or features in this web site. Bottom Line Viewpoint: Unitravel.com is a potential place to check when you want to find a hotel anyplace in the world, but it isn't very good when you want the best deal and/or some useful online tools. Its presentation isn't the greatest either and when all things are considered, it ranks below average overall. Ease of Use It is intuitive enough to figure out what you need. Features Very few features with this service and the presentation isn't good.


Houston, TX


UniTravel good site to book hotels


I recently booked a hotel in Rome using unitravel.com. Before booking I have been serchinf for 5 days around internet and I found a lot of offers. I definitively booked with this site because it gave me a lot of results with good prices. I was surprised when I discovered that I could cancel my reservation even 24 h before arriving without penalties (this is very important for me and my family). The site is clear and I reserved in 2 minutes.


San Francisco, CA



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