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UniFlame 40,000 BTU 3-Burner Gas Grill

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GBC920W1 gas grill


Bought this grill in March of 2010 this is October of 2018. It is used quite a bit when we are at our permanent camper at MB. It is covered when we are away but outside in the salt air. During those 8.5 years I have replaced 3 things on the grill. The cooking grill, the burner deflector and today the two main burners. The mounts for the burners I find now are totally rusted away so the burners are just laying in there but surprisingly still work. Grilled chicken on it last night. With this discovery it's time for a new grill. I hope this model is still available and I can use my new parts as replaments in a new grill when the time comes. I read the reviews and the average was 2.7. With 8.5 years of service in salt air conditions I'm giving it a 4 star plus. Nothing lasts forever but it deserves a 4.5 in my opinion.

Myrtle Beach sc.


Grill did not last long


I owned the Uniflame 40,000 BTU 3-Burner Gas Grill for about 3 years, and just last week had to replace it. Overall it was satisfactory, though I probably would not buy this model grill again. Within a very short time of buying it (as in a few months) the ignitor stopped working, so when we were ready to light it we had to remove grill plates and burner covers and manually hold a match down to the gas. It was obviously not convenient to light. It did cook the food well, and it was about as easy to clean as any grill is. However, it stopped working a few weeks ago, and we finally replaced it. The unit itself was not very sturdy, having cracked near the wheel after moving it a few times. And despite being covered, a part of the steel lid rusted. It was easy enough to understand and operate, it just did not hold up well after just 3 years. For the price paid, I think it should have lasted longer. We did not purchase this model again when we bought our new grill last week.

Lagrange, OH


Cheap throw away grill


I bought this grill for my husband 2 years ago. We used it regularly and cleaned it regulgarly over the summer/fall/spring months. We kept it covered w/ a grill cover on a cement slab and we went to take it out the other day so I could clean it and prepare it for the season and I took the grate out, then the plate underneath that protects the heating element from grease and droppings and dropped it gently in the grass. The grate was fine, however the underplate actually broke into pieces! I have looked all over to find a way to replace it w/ no luck! This grill was not cheap enough to be considered to be a throw away grill and I am highly disappointed that their products are so cheaply made!

Topeka, KS


Alright For The Money


I bought this grill to replace a two year old Char-Broil that had literally rotted through and could not be used at all. The burner on that grill had fallen to pieces within the two years I had owned it.  So, I decided to try a Uniflame grill and so far it has been alright. It's a grill so it only does one thing and it does cook food but...mine cooks unevenly. The right side of the burner gets much hotter than the left side when both are on the same temperature setting. Even if I adjust the left side and increase the temperature it still occasionally burns food on the right side. Another problem is the build quality. You can tell when assembling this grill that it will not last and sure enough it has not. I tightened all bolts and nuts very securely back in May when I bought it and I frequently have to tighten them so the grill doesn't fall apart. The last issue is that the hood does not close properly; it appears slightly off center and both heat and smoke come out the sides and front of it.

Oneida, NY


might as well buy a new grill, burner is high price.


had this grill and the burner rusted out just sitting there, and the spark starter stopped working on the main burner. I had a cover for this grill, but I advise not to put a cover on them. Due to trapping moisture, and helping this grill fall apart sooner. This grill is Uniflame gas grill, model GBC621C, three burner, push button electric start.  

Big Spring, TX


a very good grill


i like to grill almost all of my meals so i decided that it would be a good idea to invest in a good top quality grill. this grill has not disappointed me yet and i does make great food. the grill is heavy and a bit bulky but that is a small price to pay for its great quality. this grill has a nice lid that is good for when i am cooking and not cooking the food on high heat. the side trays on the grill are great for putting sauce and barbecue tools on so that i have them close by and on hand. the grill is easy for me to clean when it gets dirty. the fats and oils from the meats are what make the grill dirty. i like the dark color of the grill because it helps to camouflage the dirt for a longer period of time. this grill fits well on a variety of deck sizes. i have a medium sized deck and this fits great on it without crowding the space that is on the deck. the manual is very easy to understand as well.

Uncasville, CT


This is a pretty good grill for the money


We got this grill for a good buy at Walmart.  After tugging the box home we started to assemble it, yes it took a little bit, like 2 hours for husband to get it up and ready for use.  Really like the temp gauge on the front and the large cooking area that it has.  We have had it now for about 2 months and cook on it about 1-3 times a week.  At this point I am not sure how long this grill will hold up, the cooking grates in my opinion are way to close to the cover for the burner and everything seems to catch on fire (even on low heat).  I think that the cooking grates should be a few inches away from the burner cover in order to keep the grease from foods catching fire and then burning the cooking food.  The cooking grates were non-stick for the first time cooking on it...now it seems like everything sticks.  I guess that you get what you pay for and if it lasts through this season and next we got our money's worth.

Jefferson, OH


UniFlame 40,000 BTU 3-Burner Gas Grill

2.9 7