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A fun way to get new and unique ideas for cities


This site offers travel guides in PDF format to a wide variety of destinations. I love that there are often multiple guides for each city so you can pick and choose the types of tours that are most interesting to you. You do have to pay for the guides, however, they are usually under $10 each, so it is worth the investment. You can request a sample guide (it sent me San Francisco) to decide if this is the kind of tourbook/guide that is right for you. I love the easy to use format of the guides and the fact that the iternary is broken down by day and time to spend on each area/attraction. Of course those are only guidelines, but it does help to have a sense of how much time you may need at a given destination. It is also helpful that the guide provides maps and the cost of the various attractions in the guide. This helps plan your trip's budget. They even provide links to the suggested restaurants so you can browse in advance and see if that is the type of place that would interest you or not (and if it would fit within your budget). The guides are so user friendly that they even offer pictures of the entrances or other key landmarks so you can ensure that you are in the right place. I found this to be extremely helpful when we were in Rome and a lot of the churches started to blend together since there were so many of them. Overall, a great site with a lot of great guides. It is worth the investment in the guides.



Great travel guides for a short trips


Unanchor.com has self-guided tour itineraries - which are like interactive travel guides. If you get an itinerary from them, and have any questions about your travel destination, ask the itinerary author - they may be able to answer your questions.

Beverly Hills, CA



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