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Ultra Sheen
Ultra Sheen Gro Natural Hair and Scalp Treatment

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promotes heathy hair and scalp


Ultra Sheen Gro Natural Hair and scalp treatment is a good product. It has ehinacea and other herbal extracts that promote a healthy scalp which is benefiial for hair to grow. Ultra Sheen grow natural is sold in an 8 oz container. And can be purchased online. I have not seen it in any stores. Ultra Sheen gorw natural softens my hair and feeels good to my scalp. It is a light formula and is not greasy. It tingles on my scalp. And I can tell it is nourishing my hair and scalp. My hair is softer and shines more when I use this product. Ultra Sheen products offer a variety of benefits for hair and scalp for the African American woman. Ultra Sheen has been a staple in a majority of African Amerian homes for over 40 years.

Roanoke, VA


Ultra Sheen Gro Natural Hair and Scalp Treatment

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