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Ultimate Warrior - WWE Elite 26 Toy Wrestling Action Figure


Ultimate Warrior (Flashback) - WWE Elite 26 Toy Wrestling Action Figure by Mattel

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Fun Wrestling Action


My son is a huge wrestling fan, and so was I was i was younger. I had to tell him about all of my favorite wrestlers from when I was younger, including the Ultimate Warrior, Ravishing Rick Rude, Rick Flair and others. He didn't real care for any of them expect for the Ultimate Warrior. This wrestler soon become one of his favorites, and he likes to watch all of his shows. I bought him the Ultimate Warrior figure along with the wrestling ring and a couple of other figurese. This one is bendable and looks just like the Ultimate Warrior. It is about six inches in height and is very realistic, down to every last detail. He has lots of fun playing with this character. It costs a little more than what I would like to have paid, but it is worth it to see the excitement on my son's face. Great character that is designed for wrestling fans of all ages.


Clarksville, TN


Great, safe toy


My eight year old son just recently became interested in WWE wrestling on TV and when we were in Walmart looking at toys last month, we came across the WWE action figure characters in the boy's toy section and he went crazy. I remember watching The Ultimate Warrior when I was younger, so I convinced him to pick out this character to start his very first WWE collection. He has since received two more WWE Action Figure characters and is very excited with these products so far. I really like that the toy is kid-friendly, age appropriate, and safe and encourages game play through imagination of his own. There are tons of accessories we have found online and in the store, and the products all seem to be reasonably priced (approximately $15-$25). The characters look extremely life-like with hair, painted costume, and even war paint. Each action figure character has proven to be extremely durable as necessary since my son throws them around in the accessory ring we purchased. As a parent, I do not personally find this toy as violent in nature as other toys or games currently on the market, as most of the characters do not come with accessory weapons of any sort. My niece even loves these toys and I would recommend this product to my friends, family, and other moms for their children.


Texas City, TEXAS


A must buy!!


Oh my god when I seen this guy I was excited 😃 I loved watching him when I was growing up. I bought two one for collectors item for myself and one for my son to play with. My son didn't know who he was I was disappointed 😞 so we watched old school and now he has a new favorite. Well he's tied with John cena :) but this is a must buy!!! Very excited to have him :)


Duluth MN


Ultimate Warrior - WWE Elite 26 Toy Wrestling Action Figure

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