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Ultimate Ears
Ultimate Ears SuperFi Studio Noise Isolating Earphones

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Good, but awkward fit and not much bass


The Ultiamte Ears Super Fi 3 are bit of an old model, and comared to incredibly changing and expanding head phone market, the price is a bit too high for these now. About two or three years ago, these earphoen were at the top of their class, or soemwhere enar teh top, but not so much anymore. There are many bargain earphoens that sound just as good or even better without the drawbacks of these Ultimate Ears 3. The main issue most people will complain about is the awkward fit. These earphones take a while to obtian a great fit and you have to experiment with how you are inserting them in your ears, otherwise you will not achive a comfarotable and sealed fit. Once in, they are kinda big, and do look somewhat awkward. The other issue with these earphones is the lack of bass. While provding a great soundstage and great detail, there is hardly any bass. Another issue is the sensitivity, these headphoens are super sensative and do not require much power, therfore you have to deal with loud music and electronic noises.

Indianapolis, IN


Ultimate Ears SuperFi Studio Noise Isolating Earphones

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