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Ulta Nail Lacquer - All Shades

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ulta has great nail polish!


ulta has a great span of colors that are fun, bright and highly pigmented. meaning you dont have to put coat after coat of polish to get the color you intended to purchase. it goes on smoothly and doesnt clump. i havent had a problem with the polish drying out either.

El Paso, TX


Its a perfect brand


ULTA is one of my favourite stores. Also it has one of the most impressive cosmetics collection. I am a member . I have often bought nail colors from ULTA by ULTA brand name and they are always good. They do not chip like many others which I have bought and you can get most of them when they are on sale which I often do. I bought a gold for my sister and she loved it and it was not a very gawdy gold which you get most of the time but a very subtle one. I also love their flamingo pink and I know its a very bold color but I love it on my nails. The quality of their nail polishes arer always very good and they have so many offers and their 3.50 off coupons really help you save a lot of money. I recently bought purple shade which I dont love but its very different I would say. They have some of the most trendiest shades if you look at the nail colors. They are a bit expensive so you can ggo for other cheaper brands too. But I just love the options I get here and the quality.

Chicago, IL


Ulta Nail Lacquer - All Shades

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