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UV Vodka
UV Vodka Blue Raspberry Flavored Vodka

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Love blue raspberry


UV blue raspberry, or UV blue as most people I know call it, is a very tasty, flavorful vodka. It was one of the most popular vodkas people I knew drank growing up. It isn't super strong like a lot of liquor making it really easy to drink, very smooth and of course tasty! There are a ton of other good flavors as well but this is my favorite because I love blue raspberry.



UV Blue Vodka is great tasting and inexpensive!


UV makes a ton of different vodkas ranging from blue raspberry(my favorite), grape, green tea, coconut, regular vodka, and more!  This vodka is smooth and the flavor, if it has one, is just enough to taste, not overwhelming.  It goes great with ginger ale or just to make a blue raspberry martini.  The quality of this vodka is superb.  so smooth, doing a shot, you dont even need a chaser! great taste and overall just a great vodka company! check out their website  uvvodka.com  =] enjoy!

Hudson, MA


UV Vodka Blue Raspberry Flavored Vodka

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