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UTStarcom - Superslice Cell Phone

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Cheap price is reflected in features


I bought this phone because it is small, sleek, and bar-style. All these things are great. However, this phone is short on features. Half of the time my caller ID doesn't even work. When you look up your missed calls, it just lists numbers, without the time or day called. It only came with lame ringtones and wallpaper - ones that maybe a young kid would like (and I'm not that old - in my 20s). I just wanted something basic, and this failed to deliver. When I actually paid to download my own wallpaper, the graphics were blurry and poor quality. There is a calculator and stopwatch, so that much is nice, but otherwise I hate this phone.

Evanston, IL


Excellent phone from Virgin Mobile


I have had this phone for about three years now and am satisfied with its performance.  It is very thin yet durable.  When I got it my dad was sure it was going to break in half, but it is still in one piece and working just as well as it did when I first got it.  I love its size since it can be carried easily in my jeans pocket.  The screen is also durable too.  Sometimes I put the phone and my keys in the same pocket and I'm sure it would be scratched, but it wasn't.  It has bluetooth which was kind of new when the phone was first released.  I haven't been able to try the feature yet.  I was going to buy a blurtooth speaker for my car, but found that the speaker phone function was good enough to talk in my car.  I had no trouble hearing the caller and the caller had no problem hearing me.  The camera is easy to use and a decent quality for the purposes of taking quick pictures with your cell phone.  It has the standard applications that come with all of the cell phones such as alarm, notepad, etc. 

Franklin Square, NY


thin and sleek


In my opinion, Virgin Mobile does not supply many sleek looking phones... But the Super Slice from UT Starcom is an exception. It's the only phone from their service that is a nice-looking phone. The design is very thin and sleek. Many people have told me how small, thin, and light my phone is. The screen could be bigger and more colorful in display, but it's not a recently released phone so I can understand why the screen is a little small. There's a built in camera, but the quality is very low, less than 1 megapixel...Sometimes the phone does freeze though, but when that happens, I just take remove and replace the battery and then turn on the phone again. This is a pretty old phone, so I wouldn't recommend it since there are many more advanced phones out there now, but it is a good value for te money.

Troy, MI


A great way to go Cell, NO Contracts


Virgin Mobile Cell phones are the way to go for seniors who want to be safe and have a phone in case of imergency, but do not want to spend the money on a Cell that carries with it a 2 year Contract... and a huge monthly fee... Within the past week, I purchased a new Virgin Mobile Cell phone, The Marbl, and it is just awsom... it has a color screen, flip top, and is slim... it also has a speaker phone built in... Lots of other features - too many to mention.. I recommend anyone looking to purchase a Cell phone, to check these out.  I know that they will be very happy they did.

Phoenix, AZ


i want to be rich


I recently bought a new cell phone. The superslice by Virgin mobile, it was very affordable and the surprise was  I always wanted a camera phone and it had one. I did not know that at the time of purchase, so I feel like  I got a lot of bang for my buck. The cost was only 49.99 + tax.  I feel that is reasonable for a pay as you go phone.

Flint, MI


UTStarcom - Superslice Cell Phone

3.8 5