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USANA Essentials Body Rox Vitamin and MIneral Supplements

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Good alternative


I like the ones for my niece and sometimes I take them when I run out of my own. My niece said that she takes them but does not like the taste. Other than that, she likes them. These vitamins are the only ones that I have seen for teenagers which makes me happy because I know that her teenage body is getting the nutrients that it needs.

Union City, CA


Best Vitamins Money Can Buy


USANA Essentials Body Rox Vitamin and Mineral Supplements are fantastic. I have been taking them for a few years now, under instructions from my doctor. I have much more energy now, and they have helped me achieve weight loss. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease 3 years ago, and in addition to some aggressive antibiotics my Lyme specialist insisted that i also take USANA vitamins. They have been an integral part of my long recovery and are currently a huge part of staying healthy for me, and continuing to lose weight. Boxy Rox has 33 vitamins ans minerals at the optimal levels for your body including a powerful antioxidant complex that contributes to your overall health as well as helping to prevent cancer. USANA vitamins are the best made anywhere and they have in them exactly what the label says. The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements rated USANA Health Sciences number 1 over over 1000 other companies. They evaluated hundreds of vitamins sold in the US and Canada on 14 measures of quality as well as actual content as compared to optimal levels and claimed amounts on the label. USANA was number 1 across the board. USANA also offers automatic shipping for their products at a discount from retail, so you never run out and dont have to drive to the store for more, while saving money. These vitamins are somewhat more expensive than brands like NatureMade, Centrum, and store brands (who scored near the bottom of the list), but they more than make up for it in quality and quantity. They have more of the vitamins you need, better sources of those vitamins, less fillers, and no toxicity. I will never use any other brand of vitamins, or any other type of supplement. Your health is not somewhere you should cut corners to save money!

Philadelphia, PA


USANA Essentials Body Rox Vitamin and MIneral Supplements

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