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USAA - Rewards World MasterCard

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World card that charges foreign transaction fees.


Being a military family, we are limited on banks that will truly move with us, around the world. We have been USAA customers for nearly a decade now, and have had the World Mastercard for about 6 years. It's a credit card, it offers rewards, and the rate is ok. What really bugs me though, is that as a company that built it's business on the backs of military members, this card charges foreign transaction fees. I really think this is poor business practice when it comes to the fact that military families live all around the world. We keep the card because we can use it for online purchases and not incur the fee, and plus we will have a card and account in good standing for our return to the U.S. Overall though, I prefer to use another card when we are out and about in Europe, one that doesn't charge us a foreign transaction fee. Available Rates We have a great credit rating, and have had to chew USAA down on the interest rate several times over the years. Biggest pet peeve though is the foreign transaction fee.



Great Company!


I have had my USAA World Rewards card not for over 10 years and I absolutely love it and USAA. I had a small fraud problem and they took care of it right away and sent me a new card immediately. I use the rewards points to travel (I purchase airline tickets) and there are so many options on what you can redeem them for. I also like that you can use the member shop website to earn more points per dollar than just your standard purchase. I recently got my husband to switch his major credit card to USAA so that we can merge our points and get more free vacations! I like their website as it is very easy to navigate and is very quick, they also have a nice app which is also easy to use.

Morton, PA


usaa is a great company with credit cards


Usaa is a great company that deals with the militatry and their families. If u were in the military u can go to usaa.com to see if u are eligigable to be ausaa member u get great deals on credit cards and banking. usaa really deals with all lines of business from checking/savings auto insurance, etc. I work as a usaa representivive and help the members log onto the usaa.com website and all i hear every day is how pleased they are with the service they get and the benefits they get with their credit cards and banking.if u were in the military and want to check out the site i guarantee u will be more than happy to do business with them.

Walla Walla, WA


USAA - Rewards World MasterCard

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