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USAA - American Express Card

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Greed by increasing premiums to cover 17% employee bonus


HR recruiter has a Blackball list and instructed to not provide hiring mgrs with those names on Blacklist Unethical and illegal

San Antonio Texas


USAA has outstanding customer service


I can't say enough good things about the USAA - American Express Card. I have been a USAA customer since 1997 and continue to be impressed with this company. I had a home renovation project that I needed to finance and placed a call to USAA to see if they might be able to help me with a loan or financing program. The customer service representative suggested that I open the USAA - American Express Card and do a balance transfer to this credit card. The fee for a single transfer was a flat rate of $75 and the interest rate was just under 3% for the life of the loan provided that I made my monthly payments on time. I quickly accepted this offer and the process to open the credit card was simple. I received my credit card in the mail along with a complete explanation of the promotional details. I found that the online payment system for my USAA credit card is very easy to use and it is very clear how much I owe and when my payment is due. I am very impressed with USAA. I highly recommend opening a credit card with USAA. Available Rates USAA offers very competitive promotional rates.



Dependable, reliable and not out to get you!!!!


I am so happy to review my USAA Amex card, and USAA overall. I love USAA. I have auto insurance through them, had a home equity loan many years ago with them, I now have a car loan and this American express card and am thrilled to be associated with them. As many Mastercard users (USAA) have said in their reviews, there is also no over limit fee with my card, I dont think I have ever been late paying, so I don't know about the late fee policy. I have had plenty of problems in the past with credit cards, late fees, huge minimum payment requirements, and the like, in addition to massive rate increases for no apparent reason (Thanks WAMU/CHASE!!!)  and this card just consistently stays the same, no matter what. Moreover, I needed a car loan in the middle of the financial crisis in 2008 and was able to get a perfectly reasonable rate thru USAA where chrysler financial practically wanted my blood to get the loan. Almost every day, I am reminded what a great institution USAA is, and in the future my son will make use of their many many benefits. Oh-also I get a dividend check every year from my auto insurance policy. Who else is getting that? I have been with USAA since 1997 and hope to continue the relationship into the future. A sincere thanks, USAA!

East Islip, NY


Awesome Interest rate--Excellent Customer Service--


I am very happy with this USAA Platinum Amex Credit Card.  I have had it for a few years now.  Customer Service was exceptionally helpful when I was in Iraq.  They dropped my interest to 4% just because I was deployed.  I deal with USAA financial institution for all of my financial needs.  They really take care of their customers.

San Antonio, TX


USAA - American Express Card

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