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Wide Variety of Tea Flavors


When I was at a friends house she made a pot of tea; that's nothing unusual but when I smelled it steeping in the tea pot it had such a unique scent to it that I couldn't wait to taste it. I prefer loose tea brewed in water instead of a tea ball but that means you have to strain it; for me that isn't a big deal but to some people it is. As soon as I tried the tea I knew I had to get some for home; she said that she ordered it online from US.KusmiTea.com (us.kusmitea.com). The prices are a little on the high side if you are used to buying bagged tea from the grocery store but if you are a tea lover you know that paying more for a specific blend means a better taste. I have only ordered three times from the site but have never had any problems with what I have ordered. The tea tins have arrived wrapped and packaged perfectly and the tea pot I ordered as a gift for someone arrived two days before it was scheduled to. Most of the tins are sold in two sizes; eventually I would like to order a sampler pack so I can try some of the other flavors that they carry so I'm not limited to the black tea and the assam tea. Right now the only sampler that they have is a little over a hundred dollars for 15 mini tins; I love tea but I am not going to spend that kind of money on a sampler pack. Product Pricing Most of the teas and products are on the expensive side but the tea flavors are unique and robust. Shipping and Returns I've never had to return anything but they explain the process of making a return at the website.



Beautiful, delicious tea


I was introduced to Kusmi Tea by a dear friend who sent me a gift box as a gift, because she knew I loved tea and would probably appreciate and enjoy it. She sent me the Gift Set Brunch tea, which contains 5 different teas in min-tins and a mesh tea infuser spoon, and that is still to date one of the best and most memorable teas I have ever received. I have completely fallen in love in Kusmi teas and have gone back for more since. Their teas are really high quality, which you can taste right away. Also, a little loose tea (my favorite way to prepare tea) goes quite a long way and you do not need a lot of their tea to make a 10 oz cup. Each 4 oz tin will allow you to make about 30 cups, which is quite good. This is a tea for tea lovers, and if taste matters to you, then do order yourself some Kusmi tea. My favorite are the black and green teas. Of course, you might think that the prices are a bit steep (no pun intended), but for that quality of tea, it is quite appropriate and comparable to Teavana, another tea maker that is popular. You can find a wide variety of gift sets at decent prices, and if you know someone who enjoys great tea, do not hesitate, that IS the gift to get for them!




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