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UPPAbaby Vista Jogger Stroller

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Versatile. Comfortable. Absolutely the best product on the market



Good product !


From uppababy, we can see that the brand and price are quite in line with our expectations. I had the safety stroller of Uppababy before. I am quite satisfied with the safety and professionalism of this famous brand.



Great stroller for a growing family


I use this stroller with my toddler and 9 month old. They both fit comfortably at the same time. The bassinet came in handy up until my youngest learned how to sit up at 5 months. It is a very lightweight stroller that will come in handy for a while. I got it in the color Jake with leather handles. I love how easy it is to clean and maintain. One thing I don't like is the bassinet having to be below my toddler. But other than that it's a great high end stroller.

Canyon Country, CA


This stroller meets all of my everyday needs.


As an active mother of four, one being an infant, I need durability. This stroller is versatible, and it is sturdy. What I really like is how it is as simple as a stroller system comes, snapping and folding with ease. The stroller glides well on rough terrain and is capable to outstand any type of weather.Bravo to UPPAbaby! Design The design is simple, yet stylish, not to bold, but traditional. Safety This stroller is very sturdy. Child Comfort Comfort level is a 10, has soft insides and quite roomy for baby. Maneuverability I went on a long run around the pound tackling many hills and curves. I had no problems, and did not get stuck. When I encountered rough terrain, I was able to get past it easily as the wheels are super strong and movable. This was unlike previous strollers that I've had before that made it nearly impossible to run my now 2 mile route. Before it took me nearly an hour, now that is cut in half. Durability This will last forever. I have had many strollers as this is my fourth child, and this one stands out because its base is solid and seems unbreakable. I plan on having this for a long time and it keeps well when put away.



UPPAbaby Vista Jogger Stroller

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