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U.S. Patriot Tactical


US Patriot Tactical, a veteran owned and managed military and law enforcement supplier, is the nation's largest off-post retailer of military and tactical goods, with over 70 and growing retail locations worldwide. Since 2000, USP has served the country's heroes in uniform from the soldier in Iraq to the airman in Japan to the officers on the streets of New York. The company has been successful because it puts customers first and strives to fulfill and ship orders faster than any other supplier. Over 90% of orders ship within 24 hours.

"This business was founded on the principles of offering the best products available, at the lowest prices we can afford, keeping most of our items in stock, and providing lightning quick shipping,"​ says company President Paul Yoo. "We do this because we were once our customers. We know what it’s like to have to look around for our gear, get taken advantage of with price and having to wait forever to get our orders."​

US Patriot is especially proud to hire veterans and their dependents. It is an equal opportunity employer with a wide variety of employees representing all 5 branches of the military as well as former law enforcement officers.

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I will not purchase from them again.


I placed my order on 12/5/22, no order history found. Found out the switched systems and my order # didn't exist even though they took my payment. Received an email on 12/16/2022 with a new order #. I called to cancel my order, I was told it was canceled and to look for a refund. I received another email stating my order had been delivered at the address for US Tactical. I called again 1/3/2023, I was told my payment info was not stored due to privacy and that I would be getting a check for my refund. They stated it would take 7 - 10 business days to receive after the check was cut, whenever that may be, and that I would receive an email regarding this. 1/9/23 no check, no email and no explanation of what happened to my order. Customer service has been very friendly.


Sioux City, IA


Absolutely terrible


I ordered a pair of boots for myself for Christmas on Dec 5. I chose expedited shipping because my family and I were going out of town on 17 Dec and I wanted to make sure that they arrived before our departure. Seven days go by without a single notification about whether the vendor have received the order, or even if it has been shipped. I contact customer service and am informed that because my order ships directly from the manufacturer, they cannot track the status of the order or guarantee shipping times. Why offer expedited shipping if you can't actually follow through? I go to a nearby brick and mortar location to see if the store can check the status, and if the order hasn't shipped, to issue a refund. No luck. Long story short, the order I placed on 5 December wasn't received by the vendor until 22 December and arrived at my home on 29 December and I never got any sort of message or notification from U.S. Patriot. I paid extra for expedited shipping, which was a complete waste of money since it took almost an entire month for my order to get to me. Absolutely atrocious customer service.

Sir Rufus

Fort Campbell




Fraudulent company

Victim of Theft



Never received my tactical jacket


Ordered before Christmas, now it's the second week of January.


Los Angeles, CA


never again


still have not received the hat cord


new york


Great buying experience from US Patriot Tactical!


Great communication & service. The boots were a gift and they were well-received.

Dave L

Boston, MA


Price was great


Pants are still on back order


East coast


I would buy from U.S. Patriot again.


The online shopping experience, during the busy Christmas season, went very well. Received exactly the brand, length, waist size, color, & quantity that was ordered. Also, the price was the best I could find shopping online.

MSEE, Hard working since 12yo. Honest.









I will not buy any product from U.S. Patriots


I never received the order!!

Matt L.

Cartersville, GA


U.S. Patriot Tactical

2.6 465