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U.S. Bank - Visa Buxx Card

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This a great credit card for teenagers.


This card is super good. Parents put money and on the card for their teens to use. I love it because when I go off or to the mall, I don't have to ask my mom for money, I already have it LOL! It also great for when I'm shopping online. I can buy stuff from those stores now. It also opens me up to a whole new world of clothes. I know that when I look online, I see a lot of different clothes than what I see in the store. Also, they have the clothes in a larger variety of clothes. This is great for me being a plus size girl. Customer Service I think the customer service is okay. It's just an automated voice. Most of the time the 800 number answers my questions, but when it doesn't I'm stuck. It will say go to the website. I then go to the website and my question isn't answered. The website then gives me a phone number. I call it and it tells me to go to the website. It's an endless cycle that gets so frustration. I use search for the answer online when that happens. Available Rates This card doesn't have rates.



Shop around and go somewhere else. Poor customer service.


After having this card for our kids for YEARS we started having trouble with them on Aug 15 of this year. We have 3 visabuxx cards with US Bank and each of the 3 received error messages on them when trying to reload. Customer service can't explain why. We haven't come close to the amount we can load or the number of times they can be reloaded. This has happened 3 time in the last 10 days and NO ONE can explain why. How am I supposed to get emergency money to my kids (in other states) like they promised if they aren't reliable? Customer Service They are no help at all!!! Available Rates There are no rates because this is a prepaid card



US BANK Reloaded Prepaid Visa Card !!


Today, making purchases on the Internet still sends chills up my spine.  Though I opened a checking account just to cover those on-line purchases. The banks would still let other "charges" through - though I did not make them.  I was tired of buying gift cards and then have to find a place to spend what was left over on the card. Those of you with a USBANK account already have the ability to transfer funds instantly onto the credit card then make your purchase. You can make as many transferrs as you like - cost is ZERO dollars.   I normally place my order online,  check out get the exact amount owed.  Login to USBANK VISA BUXX account and transfer the amount to the credit card whcih appears instantly. Then proceed to check out of my online purchase.. No worries if anyone gets a hold of the card number there are NO funds on the card - which means NO purchases will go through. Those without a US BANK account there is about a $4 fee for EACH transfer.  Can take up to an hour to post to card. Benefits is that there is no annual fee though there is a $10 fee for the first card whcih expires every year but US BANK sends a replacement free of charge as long as you use the card. So far I've had no problems with the card and I've been using it since 2007. Disadvantages:   The downside is that the card was truly meant for students so a parent  / spouse etc. has the order the card for you.

Chicago, IL


U.S. Bank - Visa Buxx Card

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