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Tyson Buffalo Anytizers Wings

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Not what I wanted


First, thinking of Tyson's as a brand, I have to say they don't often disappoint me. This particular product - Buffalo Anytizers Wings was somewhat of a disappointment. I thought the wings were going to be the fried version. It definitely didn't taste like it. the wings had that sticky, gummy skin that happens when you bake them. They were missing the well known fried chicken crispness. However, they weren't as oily as I had expected for them to be which, was actually a really good thing. The meat inside the skin was very tender too. The outside flavor of the skin was way too hot. I experienced a hot that could not even be tamed with milk. If you can handle stuff that hot, more power to yah. I wouldn't ever eat these again.



Love it :)


So you wait for Pizza Hut's wednesday deal for your chicken wings?   Go for tyson chicken wings any day, just lay them out on a plate and microwave.   I am so addicted to these that I cut down on conventional chicken so that I could eat these more! :)                                                                                                                                          I feel they are better than most of the chicken wings at restaurants.   There is a chain called Hungry Howies and I love the chicken wings they make.  But tyson chicken wings are much more better tasting than any other.   And they are cheap too, mind you.                                                                                                                                   There are about 10 chicken wings in the small box, way cheaper than any other.  And even if Great Value has chicken wings, they do not taste as heavenly as Tyson do.

Birmingham, AL


Tysons anytizers are quick and easy and tasteful


I like the convenience of Tysons products and this particular one wins in taste.  Easy to prepare and a quick solution to the hungry.  Packaged very well from freezer to the oven you will love the taste and easy preparation of this chicken product.  Great for someone on the go with little time to prepare chicken.  Also this is a hit with most teens for an after school snack and those who hate to prepare chicken.

Hot Springs, VA


Tyson buffalo wings are yumtastic!


These wings are perfect for dinner, just a side of rice & a veggie & you've got dinner in less than 10 minutes! I have a lactaid problem & these wings are PERFECT because they do not contain dairy! I have tried other brands but these are more flavorful, cook better in the microwave & saucier & jucier than any other brand! The price is reasonable and I enjoy them as often as possible.

Salt Lake City, UT


Tyson Buffalo Anytizers Wings

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