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Tylosin (Tylan) Powder

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Tylosin powder has helped to calm my cat's digestive issues.


I've been dealing with a sick cat for over a month now.  Her blood work was normal and the vet really couldn't come up with a diagnosis without further testing that I just can't afford at the moment.  He sent me home with an antibiotic and [Ringer's Solution][1]  to be administered subcutaneously. (under the skin)  The fluids helped but eventually she refused to have the antibiotic pills jammed down her throat.  I was very frustrated and upset because her condition was declining, so I called the vet and asked for some more sub-q fluids at the very least.  He went further and prescribed *Tylosin Powder* to be added to her meals each day. I had never heard of *Tylosin* before so I went to the University of Google to learn more about it.  Turns out that *Tylosin *(brand name: *Tylan*) is an antibiotic classified as a macrolide which is in the same class as erythromycin.  It is approved for use in cattle to treat bacterial infections, but is also used to promote growth and also to treat colitis which is swelling of the large intestine.  *Tylosin* is not officially approved for use in cats and dogs, but veterinarians can prescribe it "off-label" (for a different use than the one it was approved for) to treat colitis in small animals and even to prevent tear stains in small white dogs.  My vet gave me a bottle of *Tylosin Powder* with the instructions to add a pinch to canned food twice a day and give it to my sick cat.  I've been doing that for almost two weeks now and her stinky diarrhea is completely eliminated.  She happily eats the canned food with this medication mixed into it.  Have we completely solved the problem? Probably not, but this *Tylan* generic is helping me to keep my cat healthy and comfortable while we work out exactly what is going on.  Recommended! [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Ringers-Solution-Subcutaneous-Fluids-review-7aa71


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Tylosin (Tylan) Powder

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