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Tylenol Children's Cold & Allergy

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i always go with childrens tylenol.


Whenever my children or a patient asks what to give their kids and them I reccomend Tylenol. Can take every 4 hers as directed. Works very effectively. I don't have to chase my boys around and force them to take if because it tastes great. Its incomparable to other brands. I only recommend Tylenol.

Hollywood, FL


Good for me and the kids!


Whenever my children have a cold, I always trust Children's Tylenol. Not only does it have the fever medicine in the dose, it also treats the other symptoms that come along with a cold such as runny nose and sore throat. You also cannot beat the flavor of the Children's Tylenol products. The other brands of medications have a bitter or medicine type of flavor and my children will not take it. I can't even hide it in their drinks. But with Children's Tylenol products they willingly take their medicine without a fight. Not only do I give this to my children, but I also take the Children's Tylenol Cold because the adult medicines always seem to be too strong for me. This medication treats my symptoms without leaving me in a fog. I would recommend this for children as well as adults who don't tolerate adult cold medicines very well. It tastes much better than the adult versions too.

Empire, AL


Tylenol Children's Cold & Allergy

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