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Tylenol Simply Sleep Nighttime Sleep Aid Mini Caplets - 24 ea

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Tylenol Simply Sleep Nighttime Sleep Aid works


This is a great product in helping to sleep, it is Tylenol Simple Sleep Nighttime Sleep Aid.  I like this product because it does not contain a pain reliever, it is simply to help you fall asleep if you are having trouble falling asleep. I mean surely you have cold medicines that are also sleep aid, but why would you want to take that when you are not suffering from a cold, but simply are suffereing with trouble sleeping? Well then you would purchase this great Tylenol product Simply Sleep Aid, and feel safe you are not taking medicine your body does not need. And since it is specifically for sleep, I feel it triggers that problem better than a multi medicine would. I have had trouble sleeping for a while, it comes and goes, for a few weeks i'll suffer from feeling restless and not being able to fall asleep, and getting very few hours of sleep. This helped alot, and I am very grateful. Would receommend to others. Definitely worth a try.


Colton, CA


If you want to sleep, take Tylenol's Simply Sleep before bedtime


This product has an ingredient that is an antihistamine, which works to make you sleepy the same way Benadryl will make people sleepy.  There isn't any added medication to this.  When you see the name "Tylenol", you might assume that this product also contains a pain reliever.  It does not. I take this about an hour before bedtime and it enables me to sleep through the night.  Since I have some real issues with falling and staying asleep, this product has made a huge difference in my life. The ingredients are as follows: **Active Ingredient:** Diphenhydramine HCl**Purpose:** Nighttime sleep aidOne caplet contains: **calcium 20 mg** **** **** I've been taking this for many, many months so I was shocked to finally read the label closely and find each caplet contains calcium.  I have no idea why this would be beneficial, but it's good to know. The Diphenhydramine HCI is non habit forming and is a type of antihistamine.  So if you take Claritin or any other antihistamine, check with your doctor or the pharmacist before taking this!  


Chesterton, IN


works great for short term insomnia


I have used this product off and on for years.  Simply Sleep is Benedryl, the  OTC decongestant, being used for sleep.  It is good for one or two nights of use, to get the sleep you need for an important day's work or a short term stressor.  It is not good for long term use because long term issues with insomnia need to be addressed by a medical or mental health professional. The primary drawback can be a sluggish drugged feeling upon awakening, which lifts quickly or will leave with your am caffiene of choice.  I much prefer this short term side effect to the morning sluggish brain dead feeling of not having slept through the night! I have been a mental health therapist for over 30 years so am quite familiar with OTC and prescription medications for insomnia.  This one has served me well, particularly since I cannot tolerate chamomile or valerian root, common in health store sleep  aids.  


Urbandale, IA


Tylenol Simply Sleep Nighttime Sleep Aid Mini Caplets - 24 ea

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