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Tylenol Severe Allergy

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Tylenol Severe Allergy Caplets Provide Decent Allergy Relief


The Tylenol family has been making over the counter drugs for decades and its lineup has expanded to include many different pain and cold relief medicines. Allergy relief is also part of the Tylenol brand and one of its better products is **Tylenol Severe Allergy **in caplet form**.** **Medicine Commentary:** Tylenol Severe Allergy is made using the active ingredients Acetaminophen (500 mg) and Diphenhydramine (12.5 mg). This product is designed for relief from pain, runny nose, congestion, sneezing, itchy scratchy throat, and minor aches and pains. I have never been a fan of Tylenol products and the reason is because Tylenol's pain relief just doesn't work for me. This product contains the same Tylenol ingredients for pain relief and, at least for me, it doesn't work very well at all. I experience very little difference in my headache or sinus pressure headache when I take this or any other Tylenol product. I have written off many Tylenol products for the above reason, but Tylenol Severe Allergy isn't a complete waste of money because it does work well with the other forms of relief. The antihistimine does dry up a runny nose and it does help control sneezing about as well as other allergy medications. It won't do much for a cough, but it does handle other, common allergy symptoms with a good degree of consistency. **Bottom- Line Viewpoint:** Tylenol Severe Allergy isn't the best allergy medicine out there and it doesn't put much of a dent in a sinus or pressure headache. But its antihistimine properties are good and for this reason I am going to rate it as average overall. Effectiveness Relieves some symptoms, but not all Ease of Use Caplets are easy to swallow Immediacy They go to work in reasonable time


Houston, TX


Tylenol Severe Allergy knocks out allergy symptoms quickly!


I rarely have seasonal allergies, but last year I had to spend some time travelling to other parts of the country during the height of pollen season. In one particular city, I started having all those miserable symptoms - headache, sneezing, itchy eyes and runny nose. Not exactly a professional, presentable image in front of clients! I ran to the local grocery store and picked up Tylenol Severe Allergy. Tylenol has always been my headache remedy of choice, so I figured the Severe Allergy formula might work since it covered all these symptoms, plus itchy nose/throat (which I didn't have, but figured might come along). Although the directions on the box recommend taking two caplets every 4-6 hours, I only took one at first as I don't like to overmedicate. The active ingredients in this product include Acetaminophen (500 mg) and Diphenhydramine HCl (12.5 mg). The Acetaminophen went right to work on the headache (it's the same dose as regular Tylenol) and the other ingredient (the antihistamine) knocked out the sneezing and itching. It took about 20 minutes for the headache to go away and about 30 minutes for the other symptoms to mellow out. Now, whenever I have to visit that city during pollen season, I take a caplet an hour before I have to meet clients and I have no problems!


Denver, CO


Beat out my Claritin - I'm a convert!


After having suffered with what felt like a bad cold, but what I knew to be a Spring/Summer allergy problem for about a week, I put down my Claritin-D and tried Tylenol Severe Allergy on the recommendation of a friend.  And I am glad I did.  My symptoms matched exactly what was on the box: runny nose, sneezing, itchy throat and a headache.  And these pills gave me almost immediate relief. I personally had no drowsiness with this product.  I also like that you can take the caplets every 4-6 hours.  After the effects of Tylenol Severe Allergy medicine wore off, it was fine to go ahead and take more, thus giving me all day relief.  The caplets were easy to swallow and did not upset my stomach.  I found them on sale but the price would definately be worth it.  Claritin-D is much pricier - even though I take more than one pill a day with Tylenol Severe Allergy. I will keep Tylenol Severe Allergy in my medicine cabinet from now on.  It will be my first choice for my seasonal allergies.  If you haven't tried Tylenol Severe Allergy, I highly recommend giving it a chance.


Knightdale, NC


Works better than any perscription


Being a person who suffers from Allergies year round I have tried many different products both over the counter and perscription medications.  Tylenol makes a variety of different brands of medication and the sinus allergy is an excellent choice.  The packaging grabs your attention and you are drawn in from there to try the product.  The price is a bit on the high side, however if a sufferer is willing to try the product I can give my personal guarantee that the cost will no longer be an issue.  I am one that does not have a lot of maney so I try to buy the off brand products for that reason.  This product is one that I dont mind as a matter of fact it is one of the only products that I do not mind paying for.  I can take a dose of this and in a matter of minutes I can start to feel the relief.  If you are looking for quick relief that last longer than four hours I reccomend this product very highly. 


Hiram, GA


If You have Sinus or Allergies this is your magic pill!


My husband and I recently had a very bad Alergy/Sinus cold and were miserable!  I had some coupons for the Tylenol Severe Allergy medicine so we decided to give it a try because nothing else seemed to be working very well.  We both took this and within a few hours felt much better.  It really works on the symptoms and I would highly recomend this product to anyone who is an Allergy sufferer.  My husband thinks it is great and he does often have problems and he has instructed me to try to always keep this on hand because it does work so well.  So if anyone needs some fast relief I would encourage them to try this product, as with all Tylenol products I have never been disappointed!


Beverly Hills, CA


Works better than all of my prescriptions!


I have had allergies for as long as I can remember.  Not pet dander allergies, medication allergies or food allergies, "just seasonal" allergies.  This is the way they were described to me by my doctor.  "Just", well my "just seasonal" allergies were the cause of me missing more than forty days of school when I was younger and the loss of two jobs.  I suffered for years with these allergies with NO RELIEF!  I took Zyrtec, Allegra, Allegra-D, Clartin, Claritan-D, nasal sprays, pills, eye drops, saline solutions, all kinds of medications.  Even several holistic treatments, allergy shots, nothing and I mean nothing worked for me, ever.  It was not until a work collegue of mine saw me with uncontrolable hay fever and took pity on me, that I was introduced to Tylenol Severe Allergy.  After that initial warning of "Watch out, it works but it will make you drowsy." I was hooked, this medication didn't make me drowsy and completely controlled my allergies!  I now take one everyday and havn't had an allergy attack in six months!


San Antonio, TX


Tylenol Severe Allergy

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