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Tylenol Children's Plus Cold

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I buy Tylenol, a product I can trust for my kids.


I have bought Tylenol for 8 years now for my children. When they have a cold I can trust Tylenol is going to provide them with the treatment they need immediately. Fast and always works. They have so many different kinds of cold and flu medicine for all kinds of aches and fever. A brand that is truely the best. No complaints and will be a loyal customer for years to come.

Somerset, OH


Tylenol childrens plus works like a charm - every time


Tylenol is the only brand I trust with my children, and I have a bottle of Tylenol Childrens cold handy always. It is really useful in the winter months, when my children seem to be catching every single cold virus there is in the air. At the first sign of a cold or fever, I usually give this to my children and it works every single time . The best thing about it is that it does not take a long time to take effect. Works fast and works well. It brings down fever and any aches and pains my children are suffering from and works pretty well on their colds. Tylenol has a lot of different products to choose  from , depending on the symptoms . Tylenol childrens pus cold works best for those often recurring cold and coughs with fever. My pediatrician also reccomends Tylenol most of the time so I know I dont have to worry about what goes with it. I am very happy with this product and will definitely continue buying it !

Nashville, TN


tylenol childrens cold in great to have on hand!!


I bought childrens Tylenol plus cold medicine. It is a great medicine to have on hand. It not only helps break a fever it also quiets there cough. It helps with headaches,sore throats, stuffy nose, runny nose,cough, and minor aches and pains. It is non drowsy cold medicine for children. It is safe and effective. It is for children two and over. you can give it every for hours not to exceed five doses in twenty four hours.It comes with its own dosage cup. So its convenientto use on the go. My son had a terrible cold and i had to go to work. So i stopped and picked up a bottle of it and within a half hour his fever went down and his cough quieted. He felt better and i was able to go to work. I would recommend you always have a bottle on hand. You never know when you are going to use it. Especially in the cold and flu season. So if you need a safe and effective cold medicine for your child i would defenitley recommend this. It is a great buy.

Lorain, OH


Tylenol Children's Plus Cold

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